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    Gallery, thumbnails, and not viewing some jpgs

      I've been having a lot of problems with loading folders of jpgs onto the nookcolor. Seems its doesn't matter if the jpgs are in different folders, they ALL get loaded into the gallery, which makes using the gallery features for a single folder of pics useless. Also, the nook is not properly generating thumbs for all the pics. I did some experimenting, and in some cases I believe it does not like special characters in the file name. In other cases, it simply wont generate the thumbs. And, it seems, if the thumb isnt generated, you can't view the actual pic, in the gallery or from the file explorer.


      Let me postscript this with the caveat that I LOVE my Nookcolor. This isn't a bitch-fest, just a bug report.

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          Could you try rebooting and see if that helps? 


          If it doesn't, if you could PM me with your findings (either the filenames of things with wierd characters) or if you would be willing to share some of the images that don't show up, I can follow up from the engineering side.





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            I am having similar problems.  With my Nook Color the "My Media" app always displayed thumbnails for all pics and videos that I had loaded into the "My Files" area (I have installed an 8GB expansion memory card). If anything got out of sync all I had to do was cycle power and it would find and fix any discrepancies.

            On my Tablet, however, the thumbnails are always screwed up.  I have icons for files that have been removed, and other videos (that play just fine if I browse to My Files/Videos and click on them there) do not have icons at all.  Then there are icons that look okay but link to a black screen either in the picture viewer or just totally blank (maybe it thinks these point to videos?)  Plus My family pictures are interspersed with little copies of book covers - I don't really want to look at little book covers but there they are. 

            If this worked right it would be really nice - please fix it soon!  Also if there was some way to arrange the pictures into groups that would be nice, too, if it was not too much trouble.

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              Hi Meloches, B&N has never bothered to fix or improve their terrible photo browser.  I would advise not wasting any time with it.  Instead simply install the Fish Bowl app, I think it runs 2.99.  It will allow you to organize (or hide) folders for single photo viewing by swiping or into a slide show. It takes a bit of time to learn but works MUCH better than the stock app.