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    Download and Time Issues with NST

      Several weeks back I realized that I was no longer able to download content from the store to my NST. In searching for answers to this, I found there was an issue a couple of months back that has been reportedly fixed. I am able to browse and search the store, I just can't download. This would seem to indicate that there's not an issue with the WiFi on the device or with the networks I'm connecting to. I stopped by a BN store this past week to see if jumping on the in store WiFi would make a difference, but it didn't


      In addition to not being able to download, I've founf that my NST didn't update its time during the recent change from DST->ST. It's still showing an hour off and under the time settings, it shows that the time zone is still DST.


      My wife also has a NST and she's not seeing either of these issues on her device.


      So far, I've tried the obvious such as rebooting. I've also tried a factory reset to no avail. Currently I'm stuck with a device with incorrect time (and likely an incorrect date), and one with which I'm unable to download any content I purchase.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can try next to get my NST functioning again?