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    They say that the Nook Tablet will be $99 Black Friday at Walmart.

      The first result of my hearing this was to look around to see if there was the same deal from somebody I would rather buy from ~ I try to avoid Walmart whenever possible.


      Office Max has a "Black Friday" circular that lists the NT16G at $179, which is the new regular price, so that's not much of a bargain.


      But then it sunk in on me that the Tablet price cut also meant a refurb price cut, and I looked and saw that a refurb NT8G is $130. I'll happily pay that much to avoid WalMart.


      If there is word that Target or someone else has a new NT8G for $130 or less, that's what I'll go for, but otherwise, I'm going to upgrade from a Nook Color refurb to a Nook Tablet 8G refurb. Woot!