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    upload to PubIt ! ?

      I know I have to write something, I have a few things that I have done, and it has to be in epub format.


      What do I do after that ? Link ? Info I didn't think of ?


      Thanks !


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          Ummm, Jim, before any of us can even start to help, you have to ask more coherent questions.


          "What do I do after that ? Link ? Info I didn't think of ?"


          I have no idea where to even begin after reading that :/




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            I have read here of somethnig called PubIt!.


            How do Iuse it ? Is there a link to it ? Do I have to buy something ? I have the Atlantis word processor which saves to epub type documents. What else do Ido ?


            Thank you.

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                :smileyhappy: Yes, you heard right.

                This is where you go to start. You need a US bank account with a US social security number or an Electronic Identification Number to use in place of the social security number.


                No, you do not have to buy anything.


                Write, edit, re-write, and format your manuscript for Pubit. Make or pay someone to make your cover and then sit back and pray to the book buying gods that they'll look favorably on your labor of love with kindness.



                Is this what you were asking?



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                  Oh, and if I left anything out, or forgot to mention something, I know someone else will pop in and add to this :smileyhappy: