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    words with friends problem

      I have the Nook Tablet and used to just click on the Words with Friends icon and happily play until this last update. Now it is insisting that I sign in with Facebook, no options, Facebook or nothing! I tried calling B&N helpdesk but did not get helped. So I've given up. Anyone else experience the latest annoying upgrade or am I the only one not connected to Facebook 24/7?

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          Gina, are you sure there isn't some small hidden away link or option to skip the step?


          What happens when you press the physical N button. Does that get rid of the signin thing.


          What companies are doing more and more is trying to force users to use Facebook so they can track you and invite your friends etc.


          They usually make the 'Skip Login' link hidden or hard to find. But it's usually there.

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            I am experiencing the same thing.  It upgraded the game, which worked fine before.  Now the game wants me to have a facebook account in order to sign in.  Also the game is only laid out in landscape mode and won't auto rotate to portrait mode.  I don't have a facebook account and have no desire to have one.  I guess I'm done playing Words with friends, unless they add the option to log in with your email address and password, like it used to be.

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              My WwF crashed - tried to reinstall for 3 days and finally got it. I had ads popping up, uninstalled and reinstalled and now it thinks I'm another user trying to be me. GRRR
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                My original Nook died the other day. :smileyfrustrated:  Barnes and Noble very nicely replaced it with a new one since my old one was only five months old (!). Upon starting up the new Nook, I got the new WWF application.  Not happy.  Everything is so microscopic that playing is very frustrating.  Have called Barnes and Noble twice about the issue and was told to contact WWF.   Note:  One can play without being connected to FB 24/7.  This is done at Settings.

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                  I am having the same issue and I do have a facebook account. When I sign in I get an oops another user is already signed in on that account or something to that effect and can get no further. Have archived the app and the reopened and nothing seems to work.