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        Love the new Nook (dare I say - almost as much as I love my Kindle)  A few things that would surpass Kindle: 


        When reading newspapers,  I would LOVE if there was a "next article" link on every page within the article you are reading so you could jump ahead whenever you lose interest.


        When reading newspapers, include a progress bar to show you how far along you are in an article (Do I need to skip ahead 3 pages or 30 to get to the next article?)


        Again with newspapers, make it easier to jump to the Newspaper's section and list of articles.





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          I really love the N2E, but like to see the following improvements in the next FW; some of these are asked before, and some are new:

          1. More information from sideloaded books
          2. More books in the you're reading list (I'm sometimes reading 5 to 8 books at a time)
          3. A way to sort books based on recent opening-time, so the last read books are at the top of the list
          4. Zoom/pan images
          5. A way to disable the touch-screen page-turning in books (love the side-buttons).
          6. A way to connect to goodreads
          7. Customizable homescreen
          8. let users delete the quickstart and manual
          9. updated dictionary
          10. Better shelf-management
          11. Contrast option
          12. The option to show the image from the current book as the default screensaver. (so if you start reading another book, it gets that image)


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            would like to get rid of the books that are available to download/sample/lend etc. I only want to see those if I choose until then I want to see MY books only.


            would like to be able to sort things better and see them listed the way I could on my old 1st gen Nook. I could go to my documents and see all my books listed as follows:

            The Author

            the series - the # - the name of the book


            I can't seem to be able to do that with the new touch nook. I have gotten close, but not the way I really want it.

            If I set it that way in calibre I have to go to my files to see it and then its listed as follows:

            name of book - authorseriesnumber

            format (like I care about this)


            first off whats wrong with this? well as you can see the author, the series and the number are all in one line with no spaces. second, I care more about the the series and the number then I do the name of the book. I can only sort in 3 ways: date modified, file name, type. I can not sort my author. which spreads an entire series all over the place, cause I can't sort by author and I don't always know the name of the next book. so I have to do a search for the series or the author before I can go on to the next book in a series.


            Now that being said, if I go to Books I can sort by author and/or author, however the series does not show just the name of the book and who wrote it. Again makes it hard to know which book is next in a series unless if I know the title of that book. Also looking at it in the order, I end up with a bunch of Sample/new/buy/lend books that I don't really care to see at the moment.


            Can't we get the same GUI or whatever it is that the Nook 1st gen had? it couldn't be that hard to do. I bought the new one, cause I wanted something smaller, something that is what it is a Simple E-Reader, but its not all that simple when I can't find the books I want to read.


            oh one more thing. the home screen. I really don't care what to read next from B&N nor the new reads listed by B&N. don't force ads on me. I don't want to see them when I am not shopping!


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              Just got my Simple Touch today. Already, I have a list of druthers:


              1. Would prefer left text justification (ragged right)

              2. Would like more, and condensed typefaces

              3. Would like more type sizes (this one's too small, but that one is too big)

              3. Would prefer that both right buttons forward the page and both left buttons go back a page

              4. Would like to be able to delete books without using a computer


              Hopefully, someone from B&N is reading all of our suggestions. :smileywink:


              I like the reader but it could be so much better, with a few software improvements.

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                Love the new nook, especially how fast it is (dictionary comes up immediately) and how long the battery lasts.  I have read 6 books without a recharge, some of them 900 pages long.  My wish list is fairly small:

                1. Facebook updates on my sideloaded books.

                2. the ability to tap on the left side of the screen and have it page forward. The ability to set this like you can for the buttons would be nice.

                3.  The ability to customize the home page a little more, especially how big the Next section, esp since this section almost never updates.

                4. a tiny "x" to close the bottom menu after I tap the bottom of the screen to bring it up.  

                5. The ability to bring up the bottom menu, click go to, and have the ability to choose a chapter instead of just scroll through the pages.  There should be another button in addition to "go back" and "go to page" there should be a "go to chapter" button.  Love the tiny x at the top of this menu, btw (see number 4).


                Keep up the excellent work!


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                  rtgiii wrote:


                  <intro cut>


                  -A master account with a credit card number

                  -The ability to create 'sub' accounts under the master account and designate the sub account as either an adult or a child. An adult account can purchase from the credit card. A child account can only purchase from a gift card.

                  -Each account can list their own private gift cards.

                  -Adult accounts can download all books in the family library

                  -Child accounts can only download books they purchase and anything the master account holder has designated as suitable for all family members.


                  I bet with good parental controls you will sell more nooks and books.




                  So I hope B&N will listen to parents. 


                  I have posted similar adult/child controls since NE1. Currently my 12 year old and 9 year old have their own NE1 wi-fi only nooks tied to me credit account. They each have their own gift card tied to their accounts and can only purchase something if they ask me first. I created and have full access over their accounts.


                  We currently have 5 nooks in the family. With the NE1 I could sideload a book they bought to my nook. You then have to enter the name and credit card number to unlock the book. As a parent I want to know what my kids are reading. With the NE1 once you entered the unlock credentials the nook remembered them and never asked for them again. With the NE2 once you enter the credentials the book unlocks but heaven forbid you change to a book from the other kids account, then you have to enter the info all over again. Or when the nook locks up,  like mine like to do every 2 or 3 days, it again forgets all the unlock info. NE1 remembers it through multiple reboots.


                  NE2 needs to remember unlock info and B&N needs to  rethink about how to deal with nook families.

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                    I agree with the idea of the option to disable the touch screen.  It is pretty annoying to be trying to point to something on the screen when talking to someone and having the screen change. 

                    • 112. Create Achievements!

                      The Kobo ereader has fancy badges one can earn for reading more. They are like unlockable achievements for avid readers that make reading more fun. One can share these badges to Facebook and Twitter. It would be really nice for B&N to offer a similar feature. It would enhance their NOOK Friends initiative allowing users to compete.

                      I may also suggest GetGlue integration. Instead of designing the achievement system from the ground up, B&N coulŠ² partner up with GetGlue to allow NOOK users to earn stickers for specific titles or for a number of books read.

                      Last but not least, Nook Color has a Goodreads app. It's a convenient social network for readers. It would be really nice if it were implemented in the 2nd generation NOOK in one way or another.

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                        Like the shelf concept - but...


                        1- Allow shelves to be created within a shelf.

                        2- Allow user defined tags to be created.  Similar to the Wishlist tag, allow user defined tags to be created.  Could be used for things like rating books, marking books as read, etc.

                        3- Allow book listings to be filtered by tag.


                        My goal here is to create (personally defined, preferably) a catalog of books by Genre, Author, Title, and Rating.

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                          If this has been said before, I apologize.


                          The two things I most want are:


                          A font size between fonts 5 and 6.  That particular jump is right in the middle of the 55-65 year old readers' requirements.  The current jump goes from unreadable to gigantic.  There is plenty of space in the menu to add this if the smaller font sizes are equidistant.  I.E., make the menu display proportional to the font size.


                          Steal the only good bit of thunder from a competitor's application, and add the option to make a left tap on the screen equal to a page forward.  The left-to-right swipe then becomes the page-backward.  This option is so helpful to people who are left-handed or have any unjuries/conditions that limit the use of the right hand.


                          These two things are so easy and so intuitive to anyone with any visual or physical disabilities.  And they're so easy to do that refusing to do them is a bit insulting to the major demographic of the N2E.

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                            This may have been mentioned before - I looked through some of the eleven pages of post, but not all - so I am sorry if I am repeating.  I really love the configurable buttons.  However, I think one small change would make them perfect.  I would like to be able to set both left side buttons as page back and both right side buttons as page forward (or vice-versa for those inclined).  I think this would vastly improve the experience.   

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                              I am new to eBook readers and got the new Nook Simple Touch.  I really like it.  There are just two things that I think would be nice for the Nook.  The Kindle has a few specialized games.  They obviously aren't very robust, but simple games that allow you to pass the time if you need a break from reading.  Doing the same for the Nook would be nice.

                              Second, a web browser.  There is a stock web browser built in already, but it is very restricted and you have to go a round-about way to find it.  Opening up the web browser to allow basic browsing would be great as well.  Thank you.


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                                Here we go-My top 10 Wishes for the N2e

                                1. I miss the progress bar at the bottom like N1e had.

                                2. I'd like an icon at the top to turn the WiFi on and off.

                                3. I want the time pinned to the top.

                                4. I'd like to be able to turn the sleep feature off .

                                5. In the Go To menu, I'd like to see "Go To Chapter #" added.

                                6. I'd like to be able to look up hyphenated words. I recently ran across a word that I was unfamiliar with.  Unfortunately it was hyphenated and had to look it up in a traditional paper dictionary.  I'd like to see the dictionary updated and I'd like to be able to pick up my nook and search any word like a stand-alone dictionary.

                                7. I want to arrange MY shelves MY way.  I'd also like to be able to "password protect" shelves or books. Password protected shelves would not list titles until password is correctly entered. 

                                8. Battery indicator with a little number telling me the percentage left.

                                9. Add Sodoku.  I didn't play this much on the N1e because it was awkward to use but with the Nook Touch it would be great.  

                                10. Add a "pages left in chapter" indicator.  I really try to read chapter to chapter so it's easier for me to remember my place when I switch devices.  It would be really nice to know if there are 2 or 3 pages left rather than 10, especially at bedtime when I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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                                  FlashinKiki wrote:

                                  2. I'd like an icon at the top to turn the WiFi on and off.

                                  5. In the Go To menu, I'd like to see "Go To Chapter #" added.

                                  While reading, if you bring up the menu and tap the battery, a box will appear that let's you turn the wifi on or off.


                                  Also, if you tap "Contents" in the reading menu you can go to a specific chapter.


                                  Hope that helps.  :smileyhappy:

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                                    Better PDF support would be great. (zooming without going in to reflow mode. panning , text highlighting , adding notes, the things you can do in epub!)

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