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        My 11 year old is getting a nook this weekend, I do have some concerns.  But another parent sugegsted the foloowing.  If B&N did this, i think I would pick up a second nook in a second for myself.  Plus I know now that one kid has the nook, the other two might want too.  I am disapointed in this day and age they don't think of the kids more as I would not even be here if it were not for my kids.  But please consider the following.


        -A master account with a credit card number

        -The ability to create 'sub' accounts under the master account and designate the sub account as either an adult or a child. An adult account can purchase from the credit card. A child account can only purchase from a gift card.

        -Each account can list their own private gift cards.

        -Adult accounts can download all books in the family library

        -Child accounts can only download books they purchase and anything the master account holder has designated as suitable for all family members.


        I bet with good parental controls you will sell more nooks and books.


        As it stands not my 11 year old will not have access to the B&N store, as you have no way for me to lock out erotic or other content not sutable for her.


        Of course Amazon has the same limataions, but the first company who listens can make a fourtune, as the kids are starting to ask for these devices our negibor got thier Kobo before us and we get our nook this weekened.


        So I hope B&N will listen to parents. 

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          If you are talking about each person in the home having their own Nook, then you could still set up differant accounts for each person, then, as the adult, setting the password on your child's Nook to prevent them from purchasing books without your consent. It won't keep them from being able to browse for books you find objectionable, but they wouldn't be able to read them. And, as far as the child reading your books goes, you can always sideload your books onto their Nook. If you are suggesting a way to do this for a family with a single Nook in the family, I'm not sure how you could do that without having to log on before each use, then log off at the end of each session. Although I can understand the appeal of this to some, I think it would be frustrating for others. When I pick up any book, I expect to be able to immediately start reading, not having to go through a log-in screen first.
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            Another shelf suggestion: open random book from shelf, for those of us who have too many choices.

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              I agree.  My husband and I are sharing an account now and I was trying to shelve the books and get his into a shelf by themselves.  The problem is, I'm sure there are books I haven't shelved but the new nook doesn't list them like the old one did.  I really don't understand updates that drop useful functions that were in previous versions.

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                That would be so cool!

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                  In the hopes that someone in Research and Development will actually read these posts, I'm adding my support for some of the suggestions already voice.


                  The time definitely needs to appear on reading pages as it did with the first edition.  I'm recently retired, but when I was at work I relied on that time notation to make sure I didn't go past my break time.


                  I also agree with:


                  ...being able to shelve a book without having to go through your whole library

                  ...having the nook sync with my laptop.  My first edition synced with my laptop and it was very handy.



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                    Dictionary Wishlist

                    1)  Support for selecting hyphenated words.  Right now, you can't select a hyphenated word in order to do a dictionary lookup.


                    2)  Need much better (more comprehensive) dictionary.


                    3)  Need ability to free form enter (i.e. type in) a word to look up in the dictionary.  User should NOT be limited to selecting a word found in the text for dictionary look up.

                    • 97. Wireless Instapaper and RSS Feeds

                      It would be very nice to synch wirelessly to Instapaper and to RSS feeds.


                      You can use Calibre to get the Instapaper and RSS feeds, but you still have to sideload.  Wireless on an automated schedule would be VERY nice convenience and would cause me to use my Nook far more often.

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                        Require user input to install updates.


                        Either ask the user if he wants to install an update automatically downloaded or ask the user if we wants to download an update.


                        On my N1E;

                        Update 1.6 disables my SD card.

                        Update 1.7, my device periodically switches to the screen saver and then switches back to the text I was reading. At least once when it did this it required a Hard Reset to get the unit to respond to input again.


                        If I decide I want to revert to an earlier software version that doesn't cause problems this also forces me to forgo ever using the wifi capabilities of the device.


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                          With respect to support for hyphenated words, I have been able to consistently look up a hyphenated word in a Barnes and Noble free book - Dracula, when displayed in some fonts but not others. Have not check public domain epub books for this function.

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                            I would like to see:


                            1) I like to read holding the reader with my left hand. I don't like to swipe, and the buttons are too hard to press. I would like an option that lets you configure what tapping on the screen does, i.e. tapping on the left half page forwards, tapping anywhere page forwards, ...


                            2) Be able to load my own fonts


                            3) More choices for font size, line spacing, margins, ...


                            4) Add more formatting options: paragraph indent, paragraph spacing, ...


                            5) For each formatting option, have "publisher defaults" option


                            6) Type in word for dictionary lookup.


                            7) Ability to disable touch screen.


                            8) Make more space available for side loaded content




                            And I think this is a bug: make the battery indicator consistent. On the home screen it's one way, when I push the "N" button while reading, it is inverted.

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                              ctnook wrote:

                              I would like to see:


                              1) I like to read holding the reader with my left hand. I don't like to swipe, and the buttons are too hard to press. I would like an option that lets you configure what tapping on the screen does, i.e. tapping on the left half page forwards, tapping anywhere page forwards,




                              I hold the nook with my left hand all the time.  I do a quick swipe with my thumb to page forward.  It's actually easier to do than it would be to tap with that hand.


                              What is your aversion to swiping?


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                                Just my preference.


                                I find swiping uncomfortable when using it with my left hand. Why swipe when you can tap?


                                99.9% percent of the time I'm just doing straight forward reading. I would like a straight forward way to turn the page, and, to me, tapping is the most straight forward.


                                Maybe have a reading mode, where tapping anywhere on the screen page forwards?


                                After all, it is the "Nook Simple Touch Reader" not the "Nook Simple Swipe Reader". :smileyhappy:

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                                  Some of these might already have been posted by various folks, but here's the things that have bugged me or felt missing so far:


                                  • Home screen is nearly useless for those of us bringing in sizable collections from outside B&N. It's my opinion that a good device will bring customers in and encourage them to use your store. Don't punish them for getting content elsewhere if they are willing to bring it with them.
                                    • The New Reads list should include side-loaded books, if at all possible.
                                    • The bottom part of the home screen really shouldn't be used to shove advertising at me. Especially when it dominates the display of both the store screen, and the home screen. Use the home screen as a shortcut to stuff the reader cares about.
                                    • I'd redo the home screen as a launching point to get back into a book as easily as possible. The top-half isn't terrible, but I'd prefer a sort of reading list in the bottom. Think something like a Book Queue. Let me add books to a queue to read, and I can remove them from the queue when I'm done, revealing more of my queue on the home screen. Let me add samples, or books from my wishlist to this queue as well as books I've purchased or sideloaded. This is a great way to remind readers of books they haven't purchased and encourage them to buy them (from B&N of course).
                                  • Shelving books is kinda painful. If I have a couple new books to shelve, I need to go to the shelf, and then navigate the LONG list of all the books I have to shelve it. Archiving is not the answer when I can't archive sideloaded content. Give me a way to shelve a book into a list of shelves to make this faster and easier.
                                    • On this note, it'd be awesome if the Nook stored information about books on the SD card... on the SD card. Right now pulling the SD card completely undoes any shelving I've done. The Sony stores the index of the books on the partition it lives on (internal, SD, or MemoryStick), so when you pull/insert the card, all that information is preserved.
                                  • Sony has the concept of smart shelves that automatically add certain types of content to them. The nook already has this to a minor extent (Newsstand), but it'd be nice to actually have a dedicated "Sample" section. As well as a queue stated above (to see the whole list), or even "New" items (purchased or sideloaded). The Kobo has a "Previews" section which is really helpful.
                                    • On this note, it'd be awesome to have some automatic shelving based on metadata from the ePub. For example, if an ePub has the subjects: "Science Fiction/Fantasy" and "Fiction", if I could browse by shelf and have this all auto-categorized for me, suddenly my job is so much easier.
                                  • Let me share highlights from side-loaded books. It seems strange to immediately distrust a DRM-free ePub or an ADE ePub with lax copy restrictions set. If ADE lets me copy and paste into Facebook, the Nook should as well.
                                  • Book Covers as a screensaver. The Kobo does this kinda well, although the Nook's cover support for sideloaded content is much better (thanks for this!). I've even created a randomized folder of book covers and even the ones that aren't 4:3 look quite good with the black borders on the device. I'd love it if I could tell the Nook to display my current book's cover when I put it to sleep. This can serve a useful social purpose, and acts like word of mouth about books you can buy on your Nook.

                                  I'm sure I'm missing a couple things, but this is the "major" feedback I can think of.

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                                    Ok posting this here becouse its something I would like to see changed.


                                    spent about 45 minutes today at best buy playing with the N2E( have 3 N1E's atm in family).


                                    loved everything about the N2E but the home screen. I hated it to the point that I am going to wait untill this fall when the new Kindle is out to compare them at that time and deside which I will get for my personal E-Reader.


                                    most of what I want changed is allready posted here but as a recap these items are a deal breaker for me.


                                    1. shelves are worthless to me atm. I just use Calibre and organize my book there to put on the nook(becouse of  this atm I buy very few books from B&N) shelves needs a complete overhaul I think or at least a major revision. also a desktop component where you can organize them on thecomputer then move them to the Nook would be great. also must handle both sideloaded and B&N books the same.


                                    2. What To Read next on the Home screen needs to be customizable. I hate this part more than anything else. instead I would like a setting to swap what is there, something like


                                             new books

                                             Currently reading(more than 1)

                                     those 2 items are the deal breaker for me atm. other items I would like to see are


                                    1. display time while reading

                                    2. Cover of current book as screen saver

                                    3. Optional Landscape Mode


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