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    NOOK Central Changes

    Alex Garcia

      Hi everyone,


      As promised, there will be quite a bit of change coming to NOOK Central, and here's the latest round:


      • Our device support boards will remain intact, however they will all be unified under the NOOK Central umbrella. Starting tonight they will be moved over individually, so please don't worry if a bookmark no longer points you to the correct area. This includes the creation of a NOOK HD/HD+ support forum.


      • Device general discussions will be collectively pooled into the NOOK Talk forum with one caveat: NOOK First Edition forums won't be touched. In addition, we are only going back as far as January 1 of this year with migrated content. The remaining material will be relegated to our archives and fear not, your laurel counts will not be effected. Feel free to PM me if you know of any especially relevant threads beyond that date, that should come over.


      • Later this week, you'll be introduced to NOOK News. Your NOOK community blog highlighting upcoming events, key service information, and more.


      Thank you all for your active participation and discussion. I look forward to making our community the GO TO place for everything NOOK. :smileyhappy:



      - Alex