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        1. When books are sorted by author, show them in the same format as the 1st ed NOOK: each author's name appears once with a list of books underneath.


        2. If metadata indicates that books are in a series show them in series order, even if  books are generally sorted alphabetically.


        3. Restore the ability to delete books from the device without tethering to a computer, as in the 1st ed NOOK.


        4. Make it possible to disable the wake-on-LAN "feature" that was apparently added by software 1.0.1. I want to control when my device downloads books.

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          I have 94% of my battery remaining.  The battery meter in the Device Info screen under 'Settings' matches this percentage.


          When I'm in my book the meter shows MUCH lower percentage left.  (maybe 75%?)


          On the Home screen the battery meter is the same as when I'm on the Device Info screen.


          What gives?  I thought the 1.0.1 update (which I got last week) was supposed to fix this.

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            Ditto on #2 -- this worked on the Nook1.  I got the "free 30 books" from B&N when I purchased the Nook, and I want to add them to a new shelf, but unless I write down all of their names, and then go to the new

            shelf and select them, there's no way that I know of to do this.


            And a related change -- bring back (unless I don't know where it is) the "Unshelved" book display.  If a book is not on any shelf, it doesn't appear (if I'm doing something wrong on the Nook2 and this is really available now, please tell me how).


            And my personal request -- please bring back the bar at the bottom of the reading page that shows approximately where you are in the book.  The "page x of x" numbers are useful, but the visual display of where you are in the book, as on the Nook1, was really good.

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              [Sorry if this has already been mentioned....]


              Please allow custom text settings to be made per eBook.  I'm often fiddling around with the settings to make one eBook readable, only to have the next one I open messed-up because the new settings don't apply to it.  If I fix things for that book, then the first is now akilter.




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                I'd like to vote for:

                1. A more functional web browser & ability to download/sideload content from browser to the SD card
                2. Ability to update GoodReads with currently reading and wishlist content
                3. Ability to use EPUB tags for shelves
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                  1. The ability to archive content only on my N2E while leaving it on my NC.
                  2. The ability to archive content only on my N2E while leaving it on my NC.
                  3. The ability to archive content only on my N2E while leaving it on my NC.


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                    The ability access the dowload folder for B&N downloaded ebooks.

                    The ability to download ebooks from B&N to the SD card.

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                      Another thing:


                      I'd like my bookmarks sorted by their relative order in the ebook, not in the order I created them: that makes no sense to me.


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                        On my wife's Nook2 (already replaced when less than a month old due to excesive battery use) if she looks at settings by hitting the Nook key...when she goes back to the book she was reading...it's at thw wrong page#. I have not seen that on my Nook though. Weird.


                        My Nook sometimes goes back to the cover of the book I'm reading after I go into settings.  I tried to bookmark the page before I go into settings, but the bookmarks get removed after I go into settings, too, so I still have to look for the page I was reading. I would really love for this to be fixed because it's seriously annoying.


                        Also, my battery indicators still don't match up even after the update which is why I'm going into the settings so often to check how much battery I have left.


                        I would also like to be able to tap on a book and shelve it that way.  I don't even bother with shelves except for the few I might be reading currently reading. 



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                          I second that.  I could really use a pdf zoom and pan feature.  If BN doens't make these features available, it may a reason to switch readers.

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                            I just got the new Nook touchscreen, and would like to suggest (probably has been suggested) that during the setup process, when Nook is turned on for the first time, Nook should display its MAC address in the WIFI setup.  Because new users cannot get past the first time setup process until the Nook is connected to WIFI, users cannot get into settings to view the MAC address.  However, it is impossible to do so when routers are filtering MAC addresses. 

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                              The gray color of the pages is terrible!  They should do something with that. At least two or three options to change the color.

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                                I have two bugs (I think) regarding Library to report.


                                1. Covers don't always show up in thumbnails in Library even though they appear as they should when the book is opened.


                                2. Sideloaded content stored in My Files/Magazines and My Files/Newspapers shows up twice in Library, but only once if moved to My Files/Books


                                I've installed the 1.01 update

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                                  Whiter page...blacker text. In other words, improve the e-ink displays.


                                  I have a hard time reading after dark, even with a lamp beside me and every light in the room turned on.

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                                    Hasn't anyone gotten the N2E 1.0.1 software update yet?  Just got mine this morning.  Now I'm able to get into the wi-fi service at work which requires a password.  Now I'll have to see if I can finally get into the wi-fi at my local library.:smileyvery-happy:

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