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        None of this is going to happen. If it takes this long to do software updates, they're probably just going to release a new nook after the new Amazon tablet.

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          schadenfroh wrote:

          None of this is going to happen. If it takes this long to do software updates, they're probably just going to release a new nook after the new Amazon tablet.


          It might happen...eventually. It took FOREVER to get a big update for the nook color. I gave up waiting and rooted it many weeks before the big update came out. I'm really hesitant to root the touch--I'm afraid it will decrease the battery life. Besides rooting it won't fix some of the items I would like changed.
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            I wish to have the touchscreen disabled when I'm reading a book, and to enable it back by a hardware button. Of course it should be an optional choice as another user may wish different approach.


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              Yes, please provide a converter or some way to download and read my Fictionwise "Secure eReader" .pdb files. B&N owns Fictionwise. My wife read all the eBoks I bought through eReader.com or Fictionwise. Now that I'm retired I want to read them on my brand new Nook but can't. Yes, I know, I can still read them on my iPhone or iPad, but, just the same, it seems only reasonable to let us get the eBooks we bought. Or some trick in your database that would let us repurchase books via BN.com in ePub format for free those eBooks that we bought through Fictionwise. Thanks you.

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                negris123 wrote:


                How about fixing the ghosting issue that results from the screen refreshing every few turns as opposed to refreshing on every page turn.  At least make it optional to turn this feature on/off.  The lack of refresh on every page turn leaves the outline of the text from the previous page you were reading and on bright conditions it is very noticeable.  I would expect this is given priority.


                But again, PLEASE FIX THE GHOSTING!!!

                I totally agree. One of the features that seperate e-ink devices from the masses is the ability to read crystal clear text in bright conditions. I love the idea of creating a setting to set the number of page turns between refreshes.



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                    Some have been already posted and I might be leaving some out but here is my list.


                    1. Close (X) button in the dictionary word not found message.
                    2. Wifi icon in top bar to indicate wireless is on.
                    3. Keep text size preference per book when changing text size

                    4. Better text flow control when resizing. That is, whenever I try different text sizes and then decide to stick with size I had in the first place I end up with a different screen than I had at the beginnging.
                    5. In the settings screen, have a home button just as we have a go back arrow in any settings subsection.

                    6. Better pdf support.
                    7. Landscape mode.
                    8. Make the reserved space for B&N contents accesible.
                    9. Asian characters support.

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                      My 2 wishes for the 1.1 Update:


                      1) Individual button-actions. at the moment you have 2 buttons for the same action (turn page back or forward)



                      2) Does the touchscreen drain power from the battery? I guess so because it has to look all the time if the screen has been touched.


                      If so , I would like to be able to turn the touchscreen on/off to increase battery life.


                      With point 1) you could set the buttons like: 


                         - top-left  turn touchscreen on/off

                         - top-right: show main-menu/go back to library/.. whatever

                         - bottom-eft: turn page backwards

                         - bottom-right:  turn page forward

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                        These have already been mentioned, but I feel they deserve to be mentioned again to drive home how important they are.


                        1.  Re-map the buttons!  Left-hand buttons should page BACK and right-hand buttons page FORWARD.  An added benefit would be if you could map them so that bottom left pages back, bottom right pages forward, top left pages back one chapter (or ten pages) and top right pages forward one chapter (or ten pages).  This would be really handy, but the most important thing is to get a page back on the left and page forward on the right.  Please!


                        2.  The previously mentioned book level "Add to Shelf" function where you can add a book to a shelf by double-tapping or some such action.  Having to scroll through ALL the books to find the one to add to the shelf is a REAL pain.


                        3.  Proper alphabetization of titles.  This is an extreme annoyance!  All the titles that begin with "The" are clumped together.  I believe the titles that begin with "A" are also clumped together.  "The Woman in White" should be in the W section, not the T section!


                        4.  Display a clock.  I agree that it's a real pain to have to leave the reading page to check the time.  (Battery life would also be good here.)


                        5.  Make is so that you can not only search for a specific word, but that you can do a dictionary look-up on a specific word. 


                        6.  Landscape mode would be fantastic even for epub books...A necessity for pdf files. 



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                          I've recently been reading several books which had multi-level table of contents, but the TOC was totally useless because it didn't show anything but the top level, and the chapters were at lower levels.  The Table of Contents needs to support all levels, and the "pages left in chapter" shown in the Go To option should work for the multi-level TOC.


                          I wish the sideloaded books would show the description out of the OPF file, and that one could open a book and then add it to a shelf.


                          I also wish that clicking on the previous searches would return the results of the previous search instead of the previous book.  If it turns out that the book you selected is the wrong one, you have to re-enter the search string.

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                            Hi Nallia


                            I am a student and I bought Nook just two months old. I was very excited to read my e-book on the way till I found a concern regarding to the PDF rendering in this Nook.

                            I have some PDFs which I uploaded to my NOOK from my old PC. When it's displayed in the normal view, it will be too small and unreadable. I can only read it if I change the font size one step bigger. But with this, every sentence in one line will be break into the next line with additional '-' at the and and sometimes becomes very hard to read because the breaking of the word does not proper. And also some image like a chart breaks apart  with its line appears in the other page while some part appear in the current page.


                            I hope this will be fixed in the next update. I am not having much money to always purchase every e-book I want directly from NOOK store. At least for some technical e-books for my study. So when I read this kind of e-book, I found so much inconvenience.


                            Best regards


                            • 191. Wishlist for 1.1 Update

                              I'd love to see two features which were present in the original Nook, but lost in the new Simple Ereader:

                              1.) Look up work by directly typing the word, not just by selecting a word in the text of a book. This is an important feature because some of the definitions for words use the word itself, so don't actually teach you anything. Alternatively, we could be able to look up words from the dictionary definition itself.

                              2.) Re-order shelves. Why was this basic feature abandoned?



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                                Ability to see what chapter am I in (in addition to book name)

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                                  What a waste of our time.  1.1 did not address anything.  In fact, it messed up some things that worked well - like the line spacing on my #5 Gil Sans font:smileymad:


                                  I feel like one of the monks in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

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                                    no one of the items in this post have been satisfacted by new firmware.


                                    Great job B&N, thanks a lot.


                                    Are we all stupid?

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