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        #2 & #3- How are they not already implemented??

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          WOW, you were reading my mind, scary!  But you hit the nail on the head with your suggestions.  I would really like to sync wish list between my computer and my NST!

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            Oh improved PDF facilities, including pan/zoom/scale and perhaps even allow for rotation (using the nook ST in landscape mode) would be nice..


            I still would like to see a return *and* update of the partially functional browser, Being able to login to a captive home page and being able to use wifi other than at B&N and home is nice... (so isnt being able to read your web mail in a pinch)


            Why, oh why hasnt anyone thought of putting in an applet for an offline version of wikipedia, similar to the WikiReader appliance, it be nice to be able to have an encyclopedia offline.


            Functional calculator (scientific even) would be nice too. Even the full featured Nooks dont seem to have a good version of this essential applet..

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              @bugeek: The trouble with this kind of list is that each user is going to have his or her own list of essential apps. I think B&N does well to recognize that the NST is first and foremost an ereader, and not to clutter it with other stuff.


              That said, there is a lot of room for improvement in the ereader software, and there are other apps that many folks here have mentioned. There is a whole separate board devoted to NST Ideas and Suggestions. I suggest you search it to see whether yours have already been posted. (I know PDF enhancements and browser have been.) Add your comments to the appropriate posts, and start a new topic there for each idea not already posted. That approach will give your ideas maximum visibility.

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                Alex Garcia

                Thank you Sun_Cat :smileyhappy:


                - Alex

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