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    Nook PC Problem - Sign In:1017

      Everytime when I try to sign in, it will say "network error sing in:1017"

      Can anyone help me ? Does anydoby else have this problem ?

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          No issue here with Nook for PC right at this moment -- though this error has been reported in the NookStudy Student area.  There was no real resolution given other than a reference to someone being told by customer service to uninstall and then re-install.


          Someone else also said they had to change how they run the program @ 




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              Have the same problem...1017 error - gone through these blogs and every where - tried all the stuff mentioned with firewalls, administrative rights, etc, etc,etc,etc,etc....


              I am begining to get angry as there appears to be no fix for this problem and it seems the B&N crew does not give a crap as there has not been much help there.


              What gives?  Just what the heck is 1017 anyway?  This is a very frustrating issue - otherwise, I love the nook - but this is definately bending my opinion in the wrong direction.


              By the way, I am running Windows 7 64 bit.  Does anyone out there have a real fix for this?

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                  I'm having the same problem on my laptop (Windows Vista operating system), and I am getting pretty angry about it.  I have also searched through the faqs and the posts, and nowhere do I get a firm response from an admin about what to do.  I have tried what other users suggested (reinstalling, updating Adobe, etc.), all to no avail. 


                  What gives Barnes and Noble?  I think I'll make another post so that maybe the admins will pay attention by the sheer number of us having the same exact problem. 

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                      I'm having the same error in exactly the same situation.  I get the following error:  "We've encountered an error - please try again (Sign in: 1017)"


                      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling NOOK for PC, and it did not help.  I'm not sure about the other person, but I'm running Windows Vista.  Thank you.

                        • Another Nook PC Sign in (1017) Issue - Any administrators paying attention?

                          I've tried replying in other threads, but so far no one from BN is taking notice.  I installed Nook for the PC on my laptop (running Windows Vista).  I get the following error: We've encountered an error - please try again (Sign in: 1017).


                          I have tried (suggested by other users..NOT BN staff):

                          Reinstalling Nook

                          Updating Adobe

                          Resetting/Adjusting/Uninstalling Firewall

                          Changing Admin Settings

                          Standing on my head and clapping three times while making a wish.


                          PLEASE let me know how to fix this before I give up on Barnes and Noble entirely for everything (Discount card, book sales, ebook sales, etc).  The lack of customer service on this issue is appalling.  I've never had to deal with an issue like this before with Barnes and Noble, and the lack of communication from the administrators of this board is certainly leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  What other options do I have for technical support besides this and calling customer service (cs had no idea what I was talking about and suggested the boards..HA!)? 

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                      I am running Windows Vista. The proxy and firewall settings didn't work for me. The NOOK app works fine on my Blackberry, but will not sign in on my PC.


                      Also as FYI it's not only the NOOK there is also a problem when trying to register Amazon.Com's Kindle for PC.


                      I have no clue how to fix and am unable to find anything at all on the internet. Hopefully someone can come of with a fix.  Thanks.

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                      Hi there,I recently had this problem and found that my McAfee security had randomly set the permission level for Nook to Blocked. I used these steps:


                      1. Open the McAfee Security Center

                      2. Click "Firewall On" to locate the "settings" link

                      3. Click on settings

                      4. Click "Program Permissions"

                      5. Scroll down to locate the Nook program listing and click on it to select

                      6. Click Edit

                      7. Set Access level to Full


                      This allowed me to log into my Nook program as usual. Please let me know if this wirks for you.

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                          This solution solved our problem.  I hope B&N is keeping tracking of how folks are solving the problems because right now their help desk needs to expand its knowledgebase.  I hope the product and support improves over time.

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                              Dear B&N,


                              I have the same error when I try to log in and when I try to download a book:

                              "We've enountered a network error - please try again. (Download:1017)"




                              Here is the detailed error report from Windows:


                              Fault bucket , type 0
                              Event Name: AppHangTransient
                              Response: Not available
                              Cab Id: 0

                              Problem signature:
                              P1: BNDReader.exe
                              P3: 4d52caa9
                              P4: unknown
                              P5: unknown
                              P6: unknown
                              P7: unknown

                              Attached files:

                              These files may be available here:

                              Analysis symbol:
                              Rechecking for solution: 0
                              Report Id: e399a6e9-9947-11e0-ab25-080027007c45
                              Report Status: 1




                              Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 Bit (Version 3.1.7601)

                              Symantec Norton 360 anti-virus/firewall




                              I am tearing the Nook PC software apart in Linux right now using Hexedit through a Virtual Windows 7 PC on VirtualBox.  Weirdly enough, it runs fine in Wine for Ubuntu 11.04.  Please tell your programers they need to learn how to properly code there software to use Windows' COM infastructure.  Also, they need to learn proper memory management to avoid software hanging.  The way it is now, it's re-writing data in memory for a different use before the subroutines can properly initialize and start looking for the then-overwritten data, causing the program to become unresponsive on Windows 7 SP1.  What language are they using?  Some flavor of C hopefully?  In addition, if Barnes and Noble decides to forfeit the idea of corporate resposibility and offer proper tech support, and rely on the community, you MUST make the B&N software open source.  Just an idea.  Feel free to e-mail me.

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                            I tried:  Customer Service X2  about 4 hours!




                                        Downloading                     NOTHING HAS WORKED AND I CAN'T GET TO ANY OF MY

                                        Redownloading                 BOOKS,  EVERYTIME I SIGN IN I GET THE MESSAGE:  

                                        Shutting Down  X6               Network error - please try again (Sign in :1017) 

                                        Emailed tech support X3


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                              (sign in:1017 Problem)  If you have McAfee, here's the answer:


                              1.Open the McAfee Security Center

                              2. Click "Firewall On" to locate the "settings" link

                              3. Click on settings

                              4. Click "Program Permissions"

                              5. Scroll down to locate the Nook program listing and click on it to select

                              6. Click Edit

                              7. Set Access level to Full


                              It worked for me...Thank you for whoever found the answer and posted this previously.

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                                oop, my bad


                                went up to attict, and gabbed to old e-ink nooks

                                both failed for sames reason

                                the nook servers were down



                                first time in 4 years, to see it down.


                                just when im setting up to travel,  it goes down


                                ok,,   scratch this.



                                windowns 7


                                XP is dead, do not use XP , no one on planet earth supports XP, sorry ,  but that is a fact.


                                if it does work on xp, pinch self, how lucky you are with zero support for , ETERNITY.