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    "Experiencing Technical Difficultes" what do I do?

      I tried to publish "Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Machine" with Pubit.com, and received the "Technical Difficulties" message, and was also directed to "Try again later." The Pubit Dashboard lists the ebook and shows it is "Processing." 


      I will be happy to "Try again later" but I do not know how. How do I access the Pubit publishing site to "Try again later?" or should I just wait?


      The last time I published with Pubit.com it took several weeks, is it still taking that long? I am not unsympathetic to a system with Technical Difficulties, but will just mention that Amazon.com's KDP  published the same ebook in a few hours. If Pubit wants to compete at all successfully with KDP, it is advised to do something about these "Technical Difficulties."


      I worked long and hard to get this ebook ready for publication, and since Pubit.com will not publish it now, I am putting the ebook's cover up here instead. Note: The cover file is too large, so I am posting one of the interior illustrations.

      Wrught Brothers.jpg

      Evolution of the Wright brother's aircraft.

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          Alex Garcia
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            I've been trying to upload a corrected epub for my novel "The Children of Possibility" since before Christmas, and each time the process goes smoothly on the upload and preview through to my clicking "Save and Post." Then the site stops, waits a bit, and gives me "Experiencing Technical Difficulties." I've sent several emails to B&N's technical support, and got just one "we're investigating" message back.


            I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, because I've uploaded nine other books on Pubit and made previous corrections. I'd like to know how many others are experiencing this problem.

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              I just uploaded my latest book yesterday morning at about 8:30ish, got that dreaded "Experiencing Technical Difficulties" and figured I was in for a really long wait. By 9:15pm my title was live.

              I'm beginning to think that maybe seeing the Tech Difficulties is a glitch all in itself. We're seeing that instead of the usual Congratulations, You've just Published your book! to the despised error.


              But then, I could have just been lucky. Who knows.



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                I posted just the other day, that I republished a number of my books and one new one while it went through the technical difficulties thing...ignored it and they published just fine. I had seen it do that before, and figured it was okkay.:smileysurprised:

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                  Even though I get the "technical difficulties" message, I can upload new e-books just fine. They appear within a day or less and appear to be okay.


                  However, I can't make any changes of any kind to my older e-books.


                  If this isn't fixed soon, I'm thinking I'll just unpublish everything and go through Smashwords, as slow as that process is. I'm sorry, but it's taken FAR too long to deal with these technical issues. I realize B&N had a tough holiday season, but these continuing problems don't help.


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                    I've been trying for the last week to upload some changes to a few books and get the same message!!! WHAT is up with that????  I too had a wrong price happen... they shortchanged me $3.00!!!! on 26 downloads!  NOT a good thing... they said it was 'my fault' I'd changed it - I DID NOT!

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                      Hello, I sympathize with you. In fact BandN published my ebook not very long after I posted. But in order to compete successfully with KDP, Pubit needs to do better by you. I suggest that you just keep on politely contacting them, and see what happens. Good luck!


                      To try boosting my sales, I am shamelessly posting my two BandN best sellers.


                      HEROIN God's Own Medicine, and Jack the Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes.


                      syringe.jpg    JTR-SH cover.jpg