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    Cannot obtain IP Address with 2wire Router

      Okay, I finally got her Nook Color to connect to the 2wire router this evening.

      After days of badgering the B&N Tech Support, Local B&N Store, ATT Tech Support, I finally tried inputting the 10 digit Wireless Network Key on the side of the router.

      I was using my wireless password before this and was the NC would not connect to the internet and displayed "Unable to Obtain Wireless Address".

      Again for ATT 2Wire routers use the 10 digit code off the side of the router as the "password" when you log onto the internet thru your NC.

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          When I was having trouble with mine, I discovered that it was due to my Mac Time Machine. (a piece of routing equipment designed to back up my Mac.) So perhaps if there's a hub or additional "barrier" between your router and your Nook, it needs to be disconnected.


          Hope that helps some.

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            I am soooo glad I found this post.


            I just bought a Nook Color this morning -- and have already spent hours trying to get it to connect to my 2Wire router.  Neither B&N nor AT&T tech support were of any help.


            But you had the answer:  I needed to use the 10-digit number on my router -- not my wireless password.  As soon as I did, my Nook found the elusive IP address and was good to go!