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    Is there an invoice number, or something, for magazine subscriptions?

      I've subscribed to the magazine Everyday Food through my NookColor, and I'm quite happy with it.  When flipping through the newest issue of my magazine, I saw that they've got a website with all the recipes from the past 7 years or so, available to subscribers, which is something I'd be very interested in.  In order to log in, though, you need your mailing address from the mailing label, or your account number, from an invoice.  The mailing address for my Barnes and Noble account doesn't work.  I'm wondering if there's an invoice number somewhere (that I can't find) that would allow me to access this subscribers only content, or if I'm out of luck because I'm doing it on my Nook and not by mail?

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          Probably not.  Most publications via the nook (or kindle, or any other e-reader subscription) are not connected to any other "subscriber" information.


          For example, when I subscribed to the NY Times via the nook, I did not get access to online subscriber-only content such as the crossword puzzles.  With its new subscription model being implemented in a few days, I would lose access to the website completely even if I had a nook subscription (that is, of course, if I wasn't using my parents' login, since they still get a dead-tree subscription to the times and free access to the entire site!).  The Times has indicated in the FAQ that this is something they might work on "connecting" in the future, but it's not available now.  


          I imagine that, whatever the limitation is, it's pretty much across publications.