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    "Commenting" on "no OT" threads

      I'm going to use the infamous "Free NOOKbook summary thread--please no OT" to outline some suggestions for "commenting"  without getting OT. 


      • Award the post a laurel

      This thanks the OP for his/her time and effort and lets other readers know that someone else also thinks the book is a good read or an interesting title



      • Start a new thread

      If you have new, interesting information about the book, the author, the subject, a similar book, etc.-- share it in a new thread.  Who knows?  You might just start a lively book discussion on the NOOKbook Discussion board. (You might also post a review on B&N.)

      •  Send the OP a personal message

      Of course, if you are not going to say something nice or say IN A NICE WAY something you feel really needs to be said, follow my grandmother's advice -- say nothing at all.  And that leads perfectly to my last suggestion . . .


      • Skim the post and ignore it

       You silently "comment" that the post is not worth your time.  Life is too short; get to the good stuff; go to the next post.