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      Can someone please help me. This experience with Barnes & Noble trying to publish my book as a Nook book has been horrible so far. I published my book on Amazon and it was simple. Took me about 20 minutes total and i was live in he Amazon Kindle sore in less than 3 hours. His has been a night mare. Took me 3 days to finally get it uploaded in Nook Press. I thought once it was uploaded it would be ready to publish. WRONG!!! Now it is telling me to edit something about chapter 7. I have been 2 days trying to figure out what to do, I am still lost. The support chat is awful they are rude and no help at all. Can anyone give me a support phone number where I can call and talk to someone? If so Thank You in advance!!!


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           Did you happen to use the NP Editor before you hit publish the first time? If you did, that is your problem right there. Until they (BN) take the time to fix it, it is nothing but a headache waiting to happen. You should upload a fully verified epub file to NP bypassing the NP editor altogether.


          If you need formatting help, I'll be happy to give your file a look-see. Just email it to me at melissasmithbooks@hotmail.com