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    Cannot view Pictures on NookColor!!!

      Ok: Got my NookColor, like it a lot, however:

      I can not see my photos!

      I connect to my computer, move my pictures to the My Files/Pictures folder and when I 'eject' my NookColor and go to Library/My Files/Pictures I can see the icons with the names, but the thumbnails are pink with a little flower in the corner and if I load a file the NC sits with a black screen... indefinitely...

      Whats wierd is if I hold on the main screen, go to 'Set Wallpaper' and select the 'Photos' tab then I can see thumbnails of my pictures I've loaded on there, but when I select one I get the same issue.  I'm not a computer genius, but I am pretty experienced at navigating directories and modifying file sizes/formats.  PLEASE HELP!


      I use .jpg files

      I've tried small pics (like 100x100pixels) to large photos (like 1024x768) and everything in between.

      I've tried with and without subfolders

      I've tried one photo at a time

      I need some suggestions please!