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    Not being paid by B&N

      Has anyone else not been paid from book sales. I received a 1099 for 2011 takes, granted a small amount but enough to be included on my tax return.  I have been sending emails to Pubit for months trying to find out where my money was sent, but have been totally ignored.  Should this be happening to others, there is a serious concern.  Not responding to author emails, who have to resort to blog postings, is not a way to run a professional business either. 

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          I am paid by direct deposit. Which I believe most of us are. The only time I do not get paid is when my sales are under ten dollars for a month, and then they wait until sales add up to at least ten dollars, and they run about three months behind.


          I am sorry you are having this problem. And I hope someone helps you soon. Did you give them your baking information? They have to have that to pay you. So far, I have had no problems with being paid. Just in getting responses to emails. They do answer sometimes, but most of the time they don't.

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            Hi I happen to come from a family of Prosecuters and Judges....According to the Pubit Agreement, Writers are to be paid 60 days after each purchase. And the payments are wired into an automatic bank account. I successfully set this automatic deposit up at the beginning checked it out to make sure it was correct. I had friends and family purchase my book. and it has been wayyyyyy over 60 days sense they purchased my book!!!!!!! I'm trying to get a " CLASS ACTION SUIT" against  Pubit and possibly Barns & Noble for false representation and steeling. With allllllll the other writers who are not being paid and being ignored.

             If you're interested, please contact me at my E mail address Aliyah075@aol.com

            Hope this helps!

             Holly B.

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              I think Barns and Noble have a gimmick going on!!! I sent " Sterling Publishing" >> ( the publisher for Barns & Noble my book requiring a signature appon receipt! back in Febuary. According to Sterling Publishing Rules > They will respond with in 3 months of when your material was sent. They never responded so I called and asked them if they wanted it or not.  I WAS TOLD TO LEAVE A MESSAGE AND TO GO PUBLISH MY BOOK ON PUBIT.COM WHILE I WAIT. My messege was never returned of course.

               Hmmmm how convienent for Barns & Noble !! never respond to solicited material sent so the writers have yo use " PUBIT"  Then Barns &  Noble cleans up on the on all the urchases, also requireing the people who want the book to buy "NOOK". And they never have to pay the writers, because they ignore any inquiries from Pubit users. What a Free ride beautiful!  Anyway again I come from a family of ptosecuters, and judges and I'm thinking of bringing a Class Action suit against Barns and Noble. If you're interested please E mail me at > Aliyah075@aol.com

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                  There have been occasions in the past when we knew some purchases of ebooks we have published on Pubit were not added to the royalties tally but not knowing why. There were no returns noted for those so we just considered it a loss. We followed posts by other authors who complained about this same problem but their queries were slighted by the more satisfied authors. I don't think we're seeing this problem now but to be truthful, we stopped checking for it as closely. We aren't thinking Pubit is purposefully letting some purchases slip past the royalties tally but we do think it has occurred. It may have to do with accounting systems inadequacies but we think that it has been improving and hopefully continuing to improve.