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    Cant read w/o Nook being plugged in R/O

      When I press "N", I get nothing but a black screen ~ this is w/o it being plugged in.


      When I press & hold the on/off button it'll turn on & I get ONLY to the "Read Forever" page, then it shuts down (also w/o it being plugged in).


      I can read w/ no problems as long as its plugged in, but thats a drag & obviously isnt going to work for me when I'm out & about.


      This just started Monday, had N/Ps of any kind before & yes, its at a full 100% charge.


      The date is also off (12/31 constantly) & I'm now fighting w/ the time & having to reset it.


      WHAT TO DO????


      I've not pluggedher into the comp yet, wanted to see if others had been having issues such as this. I read A LOT, surely I've not blasted thru the battery yet? Bought Nov 2010.


      Any advice much appreciated, thanks in advance!