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    Can't Access My Documents from PC

      I've had my Nook HD+ since Christmas, and I had no problems loading and unloading files onto it from my PC until today. I had uploaded several PDF files, some photos, and a library book onto my device with no problems.

      Then today, I went to drop a new library book file into my Nook's My Documents folder via my PC (Running Windows 7), and the folder wasn't there. I only saw two folders that I did not recognize. After unplugging my Nook, restarting it, and plugging it back in, I was able to view all my folders as normal through my PC- except for one thing. When I open my Nook's Documents folder from my PC, it says it's empty. 0 files. Same thing with the Pictures folder, where I had dropped a couple of pictures a week or so ago.

      I can still access these files on my Nook. They are still on my Nook. But for some reason, I can no longer access them from my PC and my PC tells me all the folders are empty. I have also tried accessing the Nook's internal memory from another computer in my home, and I ran into the same problem.

      And when I drop my new library book into the "empty" documents folder through my PC, it will appear on my Nook, but I can't open it. I run into the error message that the book has been returned, or that the Nook doesn't support the file type.

      I am really at a loss for what to do right now. My Nook tells me I have no new updates, and I've added nothing new to it for about a week now. And now all of a sudden, I am cut off from my Nook's internal memory. Can anyone please help me sort this out?