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    Lend Me feature

      When I was shopping for and considering an ereader, one of the features stressed by the salesperson was the Lend Me feature. At no time were restrictions to the feature explained: that only some books were "Lend Me", that a book if lendable could only be lent one time, that the period for a book that was lent was for a 2 week period only. Having had only "paper book" experience when once a book was purchased there was no restrictions as to what I did with it, it did not occur to me to ask for additional information regarding the feature. The Lend Me feature was not a big reason that I purchased the NookColor but it was one of the reasons. I have always shared books I have purchased with family and friends. In fact we would often agree to purchase a different book each and swap which would make reading more affordable. I have found that the majority of books that I like to read and buy are not lendable. Most of the freebies or cheap books are but there is little reason to lend those. The actuality of the Lend Me feature makes me feel that I was some how cheated and it leaves a nasty taste. I think when it comes to truth in advertising what is not said is as important as what is said. Have you heard of the $10,000 judgement against Honda in a small claims court because the car owner did not get the gas mileage as advertised? Of course I am not going to sue B & N because Lend Me was less then the salesperson inferred. But the feature is certainly less then I expected. However, now that I have had my rant let me say that as a plus it is nice knowing that the book I have lent is not going to come back with dog eared or bent pages, dirty or torn and that it IS actually going to come back. And if any of you ClubNookers would like me to "friend" you, just ask and you can take a look at my lendable books.