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        Dear Alex,


        Thank you for your forthright post.  I have been waiting for more of an official response than silence, and your explanation gives me and others insight into the rationale behind 1.4.1's removal of sideloading.  Truly, I appreciate your honesty.  I am very sorry to report I will return my Nook Tablet tomorrow, and I have already ordered a Galaxy Tab 7, as I am an experienced Android user who values the trhousands of apps available on the Android Market, many of which I already own.





        P.S.  Here's my order:


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          I find the comments "you have no right to call this a tablet, call it an ereader +" to be laughable and childish... what exactly are the apps that would qualify a device as a tablet that the NT is lacking exactly? I mean, it has Netflix HD streaming, Hulu Plus, Pandora Radio, Pulse News Reader, Rhapsody, Groovesgark, Ustream, tunein radio, Evernote, Skitch, Springpad, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Client, editing ms office capabilities with quickoffice pro or office suite pro, access to dropbox, box.net, google docs, moble me, huddle, and sugar sync through quickoffice,Seesmic, Taptu, Weather Radar, Cozi, Epicurious, Movie Gallery for managing your sideloaded dvds, good reads, games including angry birds, Plants vs. Zombies ( on its way), bejewelled 2, scrabble, words with friends, quell, etc... What precisely is it lacking that disqualifies it from being called a tablet exactly? I'd really like to understand this rationale because last I checked, the HP touchpad running webOS and the blackberry playbook are full tablets despite having significantly more limited app selection...
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            I'm not going to boycott B&N. I'm truly rooting for them. I made a conscious decision to re-enter their walled garden with 1.4.1, even though I know perfectly well how to get out, having run Cyanogenmod on my Color since July of 2010. I've bought books and subscribed to magazines through their market. I do want them to succeed. The problem isn't that I don't know how to get around their restrictions; it's that I want to support them, yet also use the device in sensible, legal and intelligent ways. I'm disappointed that the company that got so much right with a device as stellar as the Nook Color is now determined to hobble it.


            • Walled Gardens have a history of not lasting. AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe and others are sad giants of the past that have faded away not long after open alternatives became available... namely, this whole "Internet" thing. When a more open alternative became widely available, people abandoned these en-masse, and by then, it was too late for them to adapt. Even Apple's ecosystem is being nibbled at by Amazon's Cloud services, though their phone-to-desktop lineup gives them staying power, a decided edge over a one-function device stable like B&N's Nook.


            • DRM has also fallen out of favor. Amazon (again) led the way by offering DRM-free MP3s legally, and have done well with them. Even Apple's almighty iTunes store has given up on DRM. Anybody who wants to can load iTunes on their Windows machine as well. I love B&N's brick-and-mortar stores, and frequent them when I can, but I don't like the idea that my library is -- literally -- tied to their continued survival. If they disappear, unless somebody else steps up, I can be locked out of using what I buy from them. 


            • Finally, what's the deal with restricting what the B&N device can do, while letting me use the B&N Nook app for other Android devices? Which side is going to get screwed? Will the Android app be hobbled (OK, more than it is now) limiting what B&N content can be purchased? How do publishers feel about that? Or will that app eventually reach the functionality of 1.4.1, rendering the gorgeous Nook Color pointless as similarly priced full-function tablets become more common? What's the deal with B&N having to lock down the Tablet to make Hulu and Netflix happy, when I can download their apps on that competitor's Android device and use them without restriction?


            So here I am, knowing what this device can do, and willing to play ball with B&N by buying their content (and incredibly sexy, but over-priced accessories). Yet these (technically) arbitrary limitations are placed on the device, forcing me to carry multiple gizmos to do what I know this one can do. In my case, corporate email and calendaring functions are a must-have, along with the e-reader functionality. I'd sure like to access the books I legally purchased from Amazon, even if I intend to use B&N exclusively in the future. I can be like the guy at Starbucks, propping his iPad up on his MacBook while talking on his iPhone, but I'd really rather not. 


            I feel that B&N is leaving me no choice but to abaondon their ecosystem to get a couple of simple things done in a reasonable manner. To get what I need, the NC will get left at home. Beyond just the price of the device, B&N loses out on:


            1. Future purchases of content (books and magazines). If I'm not in the B&N ecosystem, B&N is just another source of content among several. I'll tend to use the cheapest, all other things being equal. The Nook 'experience' is what makes them not-equal.
            2. Future purchases of accessories. I've already paid over $100 for cases for this thing. $20 for screen protectors. All multiplied by multiple devices in the house.
            3. Reasons to visit B&N brick and mortar stores at home or on the road. Easier to just bring up amazon.com in a browser and get what I want there. More selection anyhow, and I won't make those $60 impulse book purchases. Saves on gas and travel time, too.
            4. Future Nook upgrades and purchases. I nearly went for a Nook Tablet after seeing my wife's until I realized what they'd done to it. I'd contemplated two more for family.

            (That's about and additional $930 I would've paid retail at the B&N here locally, before taxes, just this Christmas season.)


            This isn't some tantrum because I didn't get the toys I wanted. I don't feel B&N owe me this. I know how to work around all these issues. I'm just trying to figure out B&N's logic. I like having a nearby bookstore. I dearly miss having Border's, Bookstar and all those other wonderful big bookstores around. I'm one of those schmucks who will actually go into a local store and pay retail PLUS tax rather than order at discount online because I like a physical presence. So why isn't B&N bending over backwards to make customers like me happy too?


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              I absolutely love my Nook Tablet. Just for the record I do have it rooted, but I would still enjoy it even if I didn't. The main reason for rooting my NT was the lack of apps in the B&N market. I also wanted the ability to use the apps I have purchased for phone. I wanted to be able to access those apps without having to take two devices with me all the time.


              I wish B&N would provide some way for those of us with apps that we have already purchased to be able to install them without having to purchase them a second time. This is probably my biggest gripe with regard to the recent update. Before I rooted, I had to purchase duplicates for the NT instead of being able to use what I had already purchased.


              Overall, I'm very satisfied with NT and wouldn't consider returning it. It has a beautiful screen, its quick and responsive, and unlike the Fire you can add an SD card. I have high hopes for B&N stepping up their game with respect to the app store. It would be great to see them put together an app store that rivals the Android Market itself. 

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                So Basically... You are just protecting us from ourselves... great... 





                Don't call it a tablet. 

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                  Kudos to bobstro for a post that is thoughtful, makes the case for his? preferences, his takeon why BN made this choice without resorting to specious arguments, not sure what specious means, but it popped into my head. No moral I was cheated garbage, what a pleasure.
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                    The thing that keep popping up is that BN calls this a tablet.  We bought it as a tablet and we want to use it as a tablet.  The options are clear; return it and buy a real tablet, or turn it into a tablet.  I rooted mine and really liked the way it was set up and I still had BN software for books and such.  Along came 1.41 to attempt to stop us from using our tablets the way we want.  Now we remove most of BN software to block such updates and I no longer have the ability to use BN services.  Seems like they are going backwards on this. 


                    I would like to remind people of the old saying, Building A Better Mousetrap Merely Results In Smarter Mice.


                    BN would have been better served by not calling it a tablet, not running a tablet software (Android) or maybe, just maybe, allowing the development world to do their thing with the tablet.  That is how Android got to what it is anyway.  Trying to draw the line in the sand between the users and BN, will instead build a wall.


                    For people that just bought a nook for reading, you spent too much money. 

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                      gr8wing joined to comment:


                      > For people that just bought a nook for reading, you spent too much money. <


                      That's one opinion.  Thanks for sharing.


                      OTOH, I think there are at least a few million people who would disagree with you.  :smileywink:


                      - Mark


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                        Well you can watch movies on it too, so it's not just for reading..


                        Seriously to each their own, it is a well built unit, and if apps was not the thing you wanted from it, or are happy with the apps being that of enhancing childrens books & magazines,  then you probably are just fine. I is just where your priorities lie..

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                          Ah yes, another one-post fly-by-nighter.  The Nook Tablet IS a tablet despite what Adam, his cohorts and their self-inflated egos may say.  It has its limitations but it is still a tablet in the traditional sense of the word.  It's still a darn good value for the price, well worth at least $50 more than the Kindle Fire.  Heck, I think the NC is worth $50 more than the KF.  Beyond the better display, more memory and expandability lacking from the KF, we get the improved e-magazine reading experience, B&M stores and free reading/browsing there which are things we DON'T get with the KF or generic tablets running the Nook app.


                          I'm very sorry that some of you are so disturbed that B&N closed some holes in the fence to the playground but instead of whining about how B&N took something away from you (which is no more true than saying a movie theater took away your free movies when they closed the back door you were using), how about you either 1) do something constructive in expanding the app selection under the B&N store (which admittedly could use expansion), 2) trade in your NT and get the HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab, A500 or whatever you think meets your standard of a "tablet" or 3) learn to appreciate what you've got.  Either way, cut it out with the whiny misstatements and overstatements.

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                            The Nook Tablet IS a tablet despite what Adam, his cohorts and their self-inflated egos may say.




                            Well written opinion, obviously not held by all.

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                              Yes, a one post fly-by-night on this forum.  I do much more on xda-developers where all the activity is for every system out there.  I know you want your little forum to be all happy, one way and simple minded.  Forgive me for my 1st Amendment right to free speech, but I was just sharing my opinion of what Barnes and Noble did and how I handled it.  They advertised it as an android based tablet and that is what I expected.  I did not cry and whine to the return desk, I made my nook into what I wanted it to be.  The end result is Barnes and Noble won't have me for a return customer or an online customer.  If all was going so well for them, why are they now selling off their nook division?  Yep, do the research, google is your friend (oops, an android system, can't say that). 


                              Also, do the research on the Kindle Fire while you are at it.  There only a couple of differenced; the NT has an expansion slot, and the KF has better battery life.  The KF also has more functionability, and that is about it. 


                              Again, I just posted my opinion and if you take offense to it, that too bad.  The title of this thread is "Nook Tablet General Discussion regarding 1.4.1", not "I'm happy with my nook, all others do not reply".

                              • 57. More entitlement

                                gr8wing wrote:

                                ... Forgive me for my 1st Amendment right to free speech,

                                The 1st Amendment does not apply to privately-owned facilities.  In particular, it does not apply to this board, and posts that violate the TOS are sometimes edited or removed by B&N moderators (including occasionally posts from B&N employees).


                                That's also true over on XDA-devs.


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                                  Omnigeek wrote: "Ah yes, another one-post fly-by-nighter."



                                  The fact that a single issue can inspire someone to join the forum just to address it is an indicator of the power of the issue, not necessarily of the lack of seriousness of the poster.

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                                    Free speech costitutionally speaking applies only to political and religious speech. It is amazing that anyone who diagrees with the self annoited on the definition of a tablet is dismissed as a fan boy. A better position I feel is that it does not do what you want a tablet for. After all I really don't use my Xoom differently than my nook. I use the nook more for reading and games. I use my Xoom more for movies and internet stuff. I occasionally use turn by turn on my Xoom, but I also use turn by turn on my phone. The point is that there is overlap and just like many other products some are more fully featured or luxurious than others. Nook is a tablet optimized for reading. It is no different than cars, coffee makers, or homes. Content may vary but they belong in the category. This really sounds like snobbery not valid reasoning, which means the fan boy label is being applied to the wrong party.
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