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    frustrated - can't use  gift card

      I have to vent - I just cancelled my nook HD+ order. I had meant to pay for it using a $100 gift card (not a B&N card but a Visa gift card) and put the rest on my credit card. I messaged customer service ahead of time, and the representative said I could do it. When I placed the order, I picked pay by phone, because the only other option was to pay it entirely using my credit card. I just called... the woman said the only way to do it is to go into the store, buy a $100 B&N card using my gift card, and then place the order. I cancelled the order... too much time & trouble. Maybe I will order again, maybe not.

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          Yep agree B&N's gift card are limited in use and an obstruction to customer satisfaction!

          You want my monies remove the Obstacles and Hoops from B&N's Shopping Experience. That and better layout and search for materials and items on the site itself.

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            I don't get what B&N is thinking here. A Visa gift card is effectively just a visa card. Can they just not manage more than one form of payment on a transaction? 

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              I've run into problems using Visa fifth cards in stores when the purchase cost more than the gift card.  It wouldn't just take what was on the card and leave a balance due it would reject the whole transaction saying there wasn't enough funds.  The only they could get it to work was to key in exactly how much should be applied to the gift card.  So i wonder of the systems don't see the Visa gift card as a with a limit and when it checks all it sees is there isn't enough available credit to complete the transaction.  I stopped giving Visa gift cards because the recipients were running into this problem.

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                Alex Garcia

                Hi SuzW,


                I'm sorry for the trouble you've faced with this preorder. I'm hoping I can shed some light on this for you.


                What the agent said is partially true, unfortunately we cannot combine partial payments with a CC and Visa GC. This is due to a system limitation and how Visa GC's are treated within our system. That limitation being, only a single CC can be applied to any given order and Visa GC's are not recognized as giftcards, but as CC's.


                With that said, the work around the agent offered is certainly valid and understandably frustrating. However, instead of traveling to a store, you should have also been given the option of purchasing a BN electronic gift card and performing the same function. Still an added step, but perhaps a bit more palatable


                Again, I understand your frustration and I hope you do place an order with us again. 


                Feel free to contact me directly should you have any other questions/concerns. I'll be more than happy to assist.


                - Alex