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    "More in Store" doesn't show new titles

      When I try to look at the "More in Store" offerings on my NookColor, I only see books that were offered several months ago. The display Nooks in the store show newer choices.


      Although the in-store B&N staff was very helpful, neither they nor customer service (which they called on my behalf) were able to solve this. Turning the NC on and off doesn't help.


      I don't want to deregister just to get these free excerpts, but I was wondering if anyone else here had encountered this problem and how you solved it???



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          It could be a coincidence, but this stopped updating when I installed 1.4.2 (in December).  Other posters have discussed the problem here, too, so, no it's not you, it's them.  Someone suggested that it might be because the stores have demo networks and perhaps we are connecting to those instead of the customer network.  Last Saturday I verified that this is *not* the problem in my case.  I think it's just another example of B&N's less-than-pro software.  Maybe they'll get some help from real software developers from Microsoft in the future.