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    Nook HD+ microSD card

       Have a Nook HD+ 32gb and a 32gb microSD memory card. Curious if anyone else has had this problem. Was having difficulty loading books to my SD card - using it as the primary memory for books right now. After much trial and error noticed that the format had been changed when I mounted it to the Nook. Dumped it and reformatted it to a FAT32 format. Reloaded all my books to it without trouble. I use Calibre as my ebook manager BTW. Connected to Calibre last night via USB to load a few new texts and noticed that all the books on my A card - the SD card - were gone......the ones in the Nook primary memory were all intact. Also noted that the format of the SD card had changed to a "generic hierarchy" card. Can anyone give any suggestions on a workaround for this? Would appreciate any help as Im sure its probably simple and I am overlooking it at this point. Also, can you use a 64gb micro card in this Nook? I was under the impression it only supported 32gb at this time.

      Thanks in advance.

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          One: per the manual, the HD/+ use exFAT when formatting SDHC cards. FAT32 has file size limitations (2 or 4 GB per file depending on signed or unsigned integer); exFAT can work with much larger files. Win7 should understand exFAT but you may need to download a patch from M$ if you are running WinXP.


          Two: on the HD/+ the internal memory is mounted as "/sdcard"; real SD cards are mounted as "/ext_sdcard". This can confuse applications that expect "/sdcard" to refer to a removable card.

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              Whether you format or reformat the SD card as exFat or FAT once you insert it into the Nook it will automatically "change" the format of the card to a "generic hierarchial" format which I was told by someone who works for B&N and is fairly Nook experienced, is a similar type storage format. The card seems to be working now the only issue is once I seem to hit a certain number of books it will start showing an error message via Calibre that is a "tmp low memory in line....." even tho the card itself shows 57gbs left......will have to get the exact wording. Most of the ebooks I load are fairly small but there are a few medical texts that are very large and graphic intensive.......

              Thanks for all the information


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                  I have a Sandisk 32GB microSDHC card in my HD+ (Firmware 2.1.0) and have more than 10,680 books on it. No problem. The books are in directories by author. No more than about 150 books in any one directory. I use Cool Reader for viewing. I flattened Calibre's "Save to Disk" directory structure. Then I used Windows Explorer (Win7) to copy my Books directory onto the microSDHC card. Note that I let the HD+ format the microSDHC card before I did any copying.

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                Greetings dear Forum,

                I recently bought a new Nook HD+ with 32gb of internal memory in order to take advantage of B&N's 2013 Mother's Day Nook HD+ discount ($209 for the HD+ with 32gb).

                And as others have done before me, I wanted to expand its SD card memory capacity as far as it would allow me.  After researching this topic, I decided to purchase a Kingston, SDCX10, 64gb class 10 microSD card. The reason to specifically buy a Kingston 64gb microSD card is that various people have commented that a Kingston card is more stable than a Sandisk card when it comes to the microSD card formatting options.

                Anyway, the microSD card arrived today and after powering down my Nook HD+ (not even sure if this is necessary, but it wouldn't hurt), I inserted the 64gb card.  My Nook HD+ powered up without a hitch and with no apparent microSD card formatting.  My Nook HD+ showed "63.24GB" available (0.41GB used by file formatting), although technically speaking, 63,333,990,400 bytes translate into 58.9GB, -but I digress.

                Interestingly, this 64GB microSD card had the "exFAT" formatting, whereas an older Kingston 32GB class 4 microSD card in my possession had the "FAT32" formatting.

                Regardless, I am very pleased indeed to report that my new Kingston SDCX 64gb microSD card works flawlessly.  I copied ebooks, movies, music etc. from the 32gb microSD card onto the 64gb card and all works just great!

                I purchased the 64gb microSD card via Amazon for $57.99 (free shipping, no tax). The item's p/n is: Kingston Digital 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 Flash Card (SDCX10/64GB).
                Whatever else out there works, Kingston works for me!

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                  Viewmont wrote:

                   Kingston, SDCX10, 64gb class 10 microSD card. The reason to specifically buy a Kingston 64gb microSD card is that various people have commented that a Kingston card is more stable than a Sandisk card when it comes to the microSD card formatting options.

                  Viewmont, I am looking for a 32g for my HD, I read the same info you read about Kingston being more reliable than other brands for the HD/HD+ or at least it will work.  However after reading  your post and checking out amazon + a couple of other retailers, there are numerous comments that the transfer rate for Kingston SDCX10 is NOT as advertised, instead of 10mb/sec the numbers are around 6mb/sec. 


                  Can you test yours or comment please.