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    Uploading Book Cover

      The book covers look great on my title page (only visible to me, unfortunately), but when the books uploaded, nothing is shown on the product page for any of them. They meet the specifications. What do I need to do to get them uploaded? Anyone know?



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          Double check:


          -You are loading an jpg and not a psd

          -That is is not a huge file

          -experiment with another image (do not post) and see if that works--and if it does, figure out why the two are different.

          -sometimes images have a delayed time.  go through the whole application and then when you post see if it shows up.


          Hope this helps!  Most of the time when mine don't work I'm loading the wrong file extension.



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            Assuming you uploaded the cover in Step 3 of the "Add a Title" page, in addition to including it on you title page in your book file, I believe several others are having the same problem of the cover not appearing.  I am having the same problem with a book I uploaded yesterday.

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              This seems to be a pretty widespread problem, and the PubIt! team really needs to do something to address it. I have the same issue (among others) with my recently uploaded e-book, The Guardians of Time. I've used the correct file (.jpg) and in the correct format. The cover image shows up fine on the "my titles" page, just as it seems to be for other people posting on this message board. Additionally, I've uploaded the same cover file on Amazon's Kindle platform and had no problem.


              Is there a PubIt! support team member out there? If so, please escalate this issue, as it seems to be affecting a number of people. Thank you!


              Damian Lawrence

              The Guardians of Time

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                For anyone else having this problem (as I was with my book The Guardians of Time), the following might be of interest.


                I took my book "off sale" for a couple of hours, and then re-uploaded (1) the .epub file (first) and (2) the cover image (second). I then put the book back "on sale". It took a few hours for it to show up live on the B&N web site, but once it did, the cover image was finally available.


                I don't know if the other problems are solved yet - i.e. the ability to download a sample or download the full book on purchasing it - which I've seen some other people referring to in other threads. But at least the cover image problem seems to have gone away after the steps mentioned above.


                Best of luck,

                Damian Lawrence

                Author, The Guardians of Time and The Sacred City

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                  Thanks, Kate! :smileyhappy: My file was way too big. Once I reduced it, voila! It was up. I haven't had any more trouble and have 17 books up now! Thanks again!