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    Ready, fire, aim


      When I sold one of my Nook HD+ readers last week, I deregistered it and did a full factory reset (in order to clear rooting), and then reregistered it to allow it to update to the firmware (and then deregistered it before the sale).  Shortly thereafter, I received an eMail from B&N giving me a $5 credit (to be used in five days).


      I thought this might be due to the fact I did a full factory reset.  At any rate I deleted the credit.


      Today I needed to clear a couple of unwanted app icons on my remaining HD+, so I just did a simple deregister and reregister.  Presto!  I received another $5 credit for registering.  I deleted this one as well, as I believe that these are intended for NEW Nook purchasers.


      This is not the way for B&N to make money, unless they are going after the used Nook market.  Note that B&N's database shows the original date of the first registration of each device, so it shouldn't be that hard to filter out reregistrations.

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          I'm guessing these were purchased and registered before B&N started the five dollar credit offer.  It doesn't surprise me at all that they triggered the credit, Certified Pre-Owned Nooks will also trigger the credit despite the fact that they are supposed to only be swapped out with customers broken Nooks*.



          *Some of the CPOs can be purchased by B&N staff and/or bulk buyers.  And I think some were sold via B&N.com at one point but I don't pay much attention to the website offers.

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              So what you're saying is...I should deregister and reregister my nooks.
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                Mercury_Glitch wrote:

                I'm guessing these were purchased and registered before B&N started the five dollar credit offer.  .

                The Nook HD+ tablets were bought in June, 2013.  As I recall, there was no $5/5-day credit at that time.  Later, on Black Friday, 2013, I bought two HD tablets and received (and used) the two $5/5-day credits, which I was informed was a Black Friday" special.  Apparently, the $5/5-day credit program began during that interval, and continues to this day.


                Nobody told me that I was "entitled" to a retroactive $5/5-day credit on my HD+ tablets, and that all I had to do to get my credits, was to deregister and reregister the tablets.


                I am so sad.


                Edit:  Yes, I can edit a message posted before the conversion, ten days ago.

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                Would this happen if deregister my Samsung Nook?
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                  Figured I would see what happens if I reset my HD+... (Credit!!) ... but this is the best part... http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-Talk/NOOK-Video-app-now-on-iOS-Android-Roku/td-p/1469524 ... last August, I ran into some issues with my HD+, where all of my US movies just up and vanished. I tried everything I could think of, everything online support could think of, and after having a movie bought from B&N directly earlier this year fail to appear on the device, they exchanged it at the store (didn'the fix anything). This time though, some thing amazing happened... ... everything... ... showed... ... up!! So happy. :smileyvery-happy: