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    Upgrading SDHC from 4GB to 32GB

      How should I do the swap? Copy everything that's on the 4gb to the 32gb and pop it in? Any hidden files or anything that I need to be aware of?






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          I am not a technical expert; so my advice is worth what you paid for it.  Your planned method of changing to the 32 Gb card is good.  If you have two SD Card slots on a computer you will probably transfer the data faster by using the computer.  If not just connect the Nook via USB and copy the Nook SD card files to the 32 Gb SD card in the computer.  Then power down the Nook and switch cards.  When the Nook starts up it may take a few seconds longer as it previews the data on the new SD card.  Let us know how it works out.

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            I would let the Nook format (Fat32) and write the expected folders. From there, copy your files into their respective folders. It may work by cloning the folders and files from one card to another but since the Nook writes the folders over you ensure there are no technical issues to deal with. My cameras do the same thing and there must be a reason for this...I just haven't found a technical answer for it yet! :smileysurprised:

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                SamSpade88 wrote:

                I would let the Nook format (Fat32) and write the expected folders.

                Is there a reason why you'd need to format the card?  I got a 32gb card and just popped it into my NT without thinking, didn't do a thing to it, and it works fine.  The NT didn't do anything to it, either, and now it has a bunch of sideloaded Amazon stuff on it that works fine.  I am just curious if there's something I'm missing by not formatting the card in the NT (or formatting the card, period - I've never formatted any card, just used "delete all" in my camera when they're full.  Every other card has been used as-is.)