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    LOTR:  Which version?

      First of all, I apologize if this has been discussed.  I searched "lord of the rings ebook" and didn't see anything that specifically addresses what I am going to ask.  If there is a thread, please point me at it !


      Ok, so I want to re-read the series and am confused as to which version I should get.  If anyone owns any version, please let me know any specific details such as :


      1)  Footnote links?

      2)  Maps? (Not really important to me, but I'd like to know if they are in any particular version)

      3)  If it is a volume of all 3, how is the organizatin?  Easy to go to a particular book/chapter?


      Thanks in advance.  The versions I am looking at are these:smileysad:only linking the first)



      The Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings Trilogy #1)












      The other option is the 3-in-1 version I found on inkmesh.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I got the 3-in-1 version.  I found it very easy to navigate, and you can't beat it as a good buy.

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            I haven't tried the 3-in-1 edition, but I have purchased the three individual eBooks from B&N.  Interesting tidbit: It is believed that Tolkien original wrote LOTR as a two volume set...the publishers decided to make it a trilogy.


            The footnote links work well, but I had to place a bookmark on the page I was on before I followed the footnote link so that I could get back to the original page after I was done reading the footnote.  Perhaps this was user error -- but worked ok as a process for me.


            The maps are very difficult to see on the Nook (in my opinion).  However, the maps looked great when I was looking at the eBook on "Nook for PC."