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    Your wifi router is probably very insecure (new security issue)


      The "easy setup" mode for wifi is badly broken.  It is called "Wifi Protected Setup."  It's a standard on almost any router sold to consumers for the past several years.  Even if you did not use it, you should disable it if possible


      The recommendation comes from CERT, the Computer Emergency Readiness Team: disable the one-button method on your router, then reconfigure WPA manually.


      If your router has the the WPS logo on it, even if you don't use WPS, you need to disable it.  The WPS system is trivially guessable (11,000 tries) and gives complete access to your router if enabled, even if never used. 





      We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem.


      Disable WPS."


      Two pieces of software have been released to exploit the vulnerability, and the kids in your neighborhood are trying them now.




      More from Brian Krebs:




      Nook devices all require wifi and most consumer routers sold in the last several years have an "easy button" so I'm posting this as a standalone in NT, NC and NST general.  I apologize if folks see it more than once, but many of us focus on the discussions of one device.