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        From the Article: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is the most advanced NOOK ever 


        Really? I haven't really looked into the Samsung Nook much so my perception could very well be skewed. But I had the impression that the HD and HD+ were more advanced than the Samsung Nook.

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          I think it's great that B&N won an award simply by taking someone else's low-end tech and slapping "Nook" on the end of the name. But, to be fair, this was an award for their marketing, which was "everywhere". I must have just missed all the tv ads, online ads, ads in major publications, etc. It's not like I spend a lot of time watching tv (I do) or online (obviously), and it's not like I'm in the demographic for the device (female, cash flow to buy devices at whim, reads a lot, likes tablets). Good for them.



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            I, unfortunately, purchased one. It is a great Tablet, but a really poor NOOK if you want to use material not purchased from BN