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        What kind of n2a card should we get? I've looked at a few on ebay and they come in all sorts of GB. I'm so clueless. Lol.

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          TsMunchkin wrote:

          What kind of n2a card should we get? I've looked at a few on ebay and they come in all sorts of GB. I'm so clueless. Lol.

          I've got a homebrew one on an 8GB card, and that works fine for me. Its mostly media (video & music collections) that takes up space unless you install a bucketload of apps, so I expect I could get by with 4GB.


          Now, I'd not get one on ebay, since its less than half an hour to make a homebrew one with the right support files from xda-developers, and most of that time is doing something else, first while the SD card image is written and then when the NC boots off the card and builds the system, which is an all automated process.


          So if I was buying one, it would be one of the supported ones.


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            May I ask which apps you utilize for school? Are you using something to take notes that works well? Thanks
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              I was given a USB keyboard.  I have brought two different USB cords and the first one didn't work so I ordered another one and it fit. But now it will not type on my nook color. So will I need something else? Could you please let me know . 

              thank you

              I will wait for your reply

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                Hi, assuming that you are running the Android OS (either from an SD card or from rooting...you cannot just add a keyboard to the regular nook color OS), you need to also download two apps from Google Play:  Nook Tweaks and Null Keyboard.


                Nook Tweaks allows your microUSB port on the NC to host an external peripheral as well as to serve as a charging port.  When you get to the app, open it, select USB settings, check “External VBus” first, then check “USB Host mode”.


                Null Keyboard is an app that adds a setting to your Android OS (e.g., cm7 that I'm running) settings.  Just download and install the app, then, when you go to settings, go to the one relating to the keyboard, and you'll see Null Keyboard as an option.  If you check it, it prevents the actual touchscreen keyboard from popping up while you are typing. However, sometimes I find that if I am using a word processing app, and I type for a while with external USB keyboard, then touch the screen, keyboard pops up anyway, but I am able to make it go away (forget how).  However, if you are browsing, e.g, or using an app that requires inputs,it allows you to make it with usb keyboard and not have the on screen keyboard pop up and take up screen space.


                Good Luck - mind you I've only had mine running cm7 off a card since yesterday & got my keyboard running just yesterday...but it can be done.  This is the one I bought and the adapter I bought - cheap & works great with NC, also serves as a case with a nice little stand.:

                case:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004OB0EBQ/ref=oh_details_o03_s02_i00

                adapter:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005QX7KYU/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00

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                  So, Patent_Girl, you are saying that by installing and setting Null Keyboard, it will remove possible conflicts between the touch keyboard and the usb keyboard?


                  I'll have to try it tonight!


                  Thanks for the tip! 

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                    Hi - yes it does seem to.  However, say you are typing for a while on your external usb keyboard then you physically touch the screen - they keyboard might come up at that point (it does for me but I am able to mke it go away -- I think there is a setting - have only been doing this a few days). 


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                      I'd be very interested in the product number. :smileyhappy:

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                        melros815 wrote:

                        I'd be very interested in the product number. :smileyhappy:

                        I think its something like this one. You have to be careful that its right handed when the narrow side of the micro-USB is on top (the picture makes it look like its left handed, but it has the wide side of the micro-USB on top).

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                          Where did you buy the n2a card...and these two items  270819582538 that is for the keyboard and this is for the adapter 200588549989 are from the Amazon and B&N website?

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                            I'm sorry but I don't know anything about this. But I have been wanting to be able to use android apps on my Nook for quite a while. Will the n2a card let me do that?
                            What kind of n2a card do you have? Where did you get it?
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                              Yes, n2a cards will allow you to get android apps to run on your Nook Color. You can read about them at www.n2acards.com.  An alternative card which many posters have used successfully is the Android for Nook card - www.androidfornook.com.


                              There have been many, many posts in the Nook forums about these cards. You might take some time to search for the comments.


                              I do not own either; I am just providing you some information.

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                                OK I'm ready to find out what keyboard you have.   Thanks.

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