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    Awful Nook iPad app

      I'm just wondering if B&N ever intends to fix the now nearly month old catastrophe that they laughingly call an "update." I understand why they had to rework the app. Apple is so blasted greedy that they forced it on all the reader apps. That's pretty annoying and has led me to flat out refuse to use the iBooks app at all. I have been using the Nook app on my iPad for over a year and had no serious complaints until this latest update. Now, for some reason, the app crashes every single time I purchase a new book and try to download it. The only fix for it is to delete the app and reinstall it, which of course forces me to re-download all my books and book samples. I have a LOT of books and samples. This is beyond annoying, especially since the app does not offer anything as simple as a "Download all" option. Seems like that would be a beneficial addition to the app. I won't even ask for the simple addition of a way to organize my library, like folders or something, as this is obviously too difficult a feature to include. (Since B&N has never bothered to include it before on any other versions. Surely this means it's almost impossible to do, right?) And the themes feature that was a part of the previous versions must be a nightmare to program as well, since it was dropped in this latest "update." Seriously, just make the stupid thing sync and download without failing fatally and I'll ask no more. Reading the reviews on the App Store, it seems I'm not the only person having this problem. Considering the amount of money B&N has made off my purchases thus far, I'd think they'd want to at least pretend to keep me and all their other customers happy. Yet, when I emailed them about this issue, they didn't bother to even acknowledge that they'd received the email. It's starting to remind me a bit of Apple's utter lack of respect or concern for their customers. I'd certainly hate to have to start viewing my Nook app with the same disdain that I do iBooks. But I guess Amazon still actually wants my business.

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          Well, yeah.  That's one of the reason's that B&N is for sale.


          CS has never been a priority for B&N, and with electronic devices, it's even less of a priority.  They hire someone to answer the phone and put you on hold until you give up.


          Surprisingly, though, the B&N hardware is good, and I suspect that is where they are purring their limited money right now.


          I am also having to reboot the iPad and reregister the Nook app 2-3 times a week now.  It logs me off for no apparent reason and forces me to go in to settings, set the stupid "Deregister on Launch" switch to on, hard restart my iPad, and reload everything.  I don't know if the app left phantom copies in my iPad when it deregistered for no reason.  And thanks to Apple's walled garden, there's no way to tell.


          So you have the blind leading the insane - this is what you get.  Do as I do and keep looking for other options.  They will eventually emerge.

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              Well, they've issued an update that is supposed to deal with the issue. I've updated my app, but have yet to actually buy anything new, so I don't know if the problem is fixed or not. We'll see. I did note that they changed absolutely nothing in the design of the app. Meaning there is still no way to actually organize our books, nor did they add back the theme ability that used to be included in the app. It's a real shame that customer service has fallen by the wayside, not only and B&N, but in the majority of businesses. I guess that the only thing we can do is - as you suggested - keep looking for better options. I, for one, am the sort of person who will travel farther and pay a bit more to shop at a company that makes customer service a priority. If more of us did that, then perhaps businesses would stop treating us like they're doing us a favor by allowing us to give them our money.

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              I must say, I agree.  Every time I open my Nook app on the iPad, it crashes.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled on the iPad.  I have new updated everything: iTunes, iPad, Lion on a MacBook.


              I think I just started having issues after I updated the application.  Can someone help?