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    Nook ST, Should I try to upgrade

      My daughter, who is 10 years old, received the Simple Touch (not glow) from my mother for her birthday.  I have no receipt, but it is unopened in plastic with a barcode showing 29aug12 (I assume the purchase date?) on the back. 


      I have the tablet and my daughter wanted one and has been saving her money to purchase on her own.  I looked at the chart that compares the different Nook models, but am still uncertain of the major diffefences between the two.


      Is there a way to transfer media from my table to the simple touch?  Is the simple toucgh only a reader?  Is there a way for her to watch videos?


      I just got off of B&N chat with customer service and it looks like I would need a receipt to return it.  I was hoping to trade it in for an upgrade, not a return.  I feel bad about asking my mother for a receipt, is there another option?


      Plus, my daughter's school library has just started elending, so perhaps I could keep it and use it only for library books.