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      Hello, I work for a small publishing company, and we do mostly kids books. I have tried a few different formats to find the best way to keep the layout of the kids books in ePub format, and the best way so far for the Nook is to go with the DRP format. It works great on my personal Nook Color. I've got all the neccessary files in the epub file. Opens in the DRP Reader perfect and sizes great and everything, but when I upload the "myBookTitle_drp.epub" file to PubIt, I guess it stops it from being opened in the DRP Reader. My question is is there some way to specify that my book should be opened in the DRP Reader when I upload it besides just naming the file with "_drp.epub"? Why does it loose this function after uploading to the store? Thanks for any help!

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          First of all, good luck! I dont have the answer to your question, but I look forward to hearing the answer. I have two full color chidren's books that I am too afraid to even start formatting for Nook. I had a complete nightmare setting them up for Kindle, so it's once bitten...However I believe there are lots of children's authors on Pubit. Let's hope for an answer soon.

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            Pubit converts to epub and the primary ereader is the Nook. Customers can download fee apps. You can't specify what reader a customer should use. For pictures and text: I used Word 2003 and saved as .doc. If you have 2007 or 2010, save as Word 97-2003. In Format, first line only, .25 indent. No manual tabs. I used 1.5 spacing. I used Courier New Regular. I used page break before and after each picture. You can also use this between chapters. It puts a space before and after the picture. Use either PNG or JPEG format in Word. To insert a picture after the text: Page Break Insert from file, click on the image and presto, it's there. Page Break When you start off, remove all format stuff like page numbers, headers or footers. Don't use double spacing. Put all of the text as one document. I had 7 chaps and I took off all the formatting and inserted one after another into one document. After that, I inserted the pictures. It sounds harder than it is when you do it. If you make a mistake and see it after you have published, go back and edit. I did that and it was okay. Remember, epubbing is wing of bat and eye of newt. It takes some practice to get used to it. Good luck and ask questions.
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              If these are heavily illustrated titles, you might be better off creating them as fixed layout nook kids eBooks. You need to be setup with BN to use the software to do so, sign an NDA, etc. But, it might just be the best way for you. The standard ePub is really aimed at reflowable, so it truly depends on your content.


              You also can't suggest that it should be opened in a reader other then nook or nook kids depending on the setup and nook kids isn't ePub, unique format.

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                mascotBooks: I believe I am in the same situation as you. I tried to sum up my question in a post here. It's still not clear to me whether or not DRP formatted files retain their DRP features when submitted to pubit. On one hand, they work when manually added to the Nook Color, on the other, they don't (from what I can tell) conform to the ePub spec.


                Has anyone tried to upload a DRP-based file to pubit?

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                  Just a quick update to anyone here that tries: DRP formatted comics that are submitted lose their formatting in the submission process.
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                    DRP is Nook's fixed format and basically the same as Kindle's KF8 fixed format. you CAN NOT upload fixed format eBooks to B&N via PubIt. At least not children's books. (I'm not sure about non-children's books anymore.) In order to upload a fixed format children's book you need to become a Vendor of Record NookKids publisher. To which I must say, lots-o-luck with that. If you do get that far, you can then download their content creation tools that are NECESSARY to make a DRP eBook that B&N will accept, and their content creation tools ONLY run on a MAC. If that's not enough hoops to jump through, it's impossible to find an applictaion to become a NookKids Vendor of Record. Apparently they only send them out to big publishers if they feel like it, but you can't ask for one. In other words, you and I simply cannot upload to fixed format kid's books to B&N at this time.

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                      Alex Garcia
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                        How would one go about publishing under the "Nook Comics" label? Like this: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-three-musketeers-classics-illustrated-1-alexandre-dumas/1108361689?ean=9781620280874 ?


                        This book format has all of the advanced fixed format options I am looking for. This is for a publisher.