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    Simple touch bookshelves

      Am I missing something?  I am putting my books on my shelves.  I have over 100 from B&N alone.  Why do they all continue to show up when I'm making the shelves.  Once they are placed on a shelf they should disappear from the list right?  I have to keep paging and paging through the ones that have already been placed on shelves.

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          Dawn-Luv2bead wrote:

          Once they are placed on a shelf they should disappear from the list right?

          Unfortunately, the shelving on the NST doesn't work that way.  It allows you to put a book on multiple shelves, so if you are just looking at the "books" menu (or "all") it will continue to show you all your books.  It's not really a shelf as it is a way to classify your books.

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            Yes, it's more of a tagging system than a shelving system. (If the shelf metaphor was taken literally, a book could be on one and only one shelf.)


            Whether you prefer literal shelves or tags, the system on the NST is seriously broken. For any more than a few dozen books, it's unusable. You can find a much more complete discussion, with useful suggestions, on this thread in the NST Ideas & Suggestions board.


            Many NOOK owners use Calibre on their PCs to keep their ebooks organized. Goodreads is another useful system (which, like the NOOK, uses the word "shelf" to mean something that behaves more like a category or tag; in other words a book can be shelved simultaneously on more than one shelf).


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              Thanks for the help and the link to the general discussion on this subject.  Now I have to decide if I want to just stay with my original kindle or keep the simple touch and put up with the shelving issue.  When I spend a hundred and a half on it, plus the accessories I would like it to do basic shelf sorting.  It's very disappointing.

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                I agree with you comepletely. I make extensive use of the shelf system on my Nook Tablet and Nook Color. Too bad it is horribly broken on the NST.


                What I would kill for is the ability to sync my shelves and maybe even manage them from the web.

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                  Realistically, I don't buy new books that often. Shelving my whole collection when I first got the NST was a royal pain, but shelving each new one as I buy it is no more than a minor nuisance. In the overall scheme of things, not a deciding factor for me.