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    Syncing across devices


      I have read many postings on this and other sites, and am still having problems with syncing across devices. Latest upgrades installed as of 12/3/2010. Using Nook/Nook for PC (on 2 separate computers)/Nook for Android (on Droid 2). Settings for automatic save to B&N site 'on'. Using wi-fi for Droid and Nook. Nook for PC will not even sync to separate computers. Library shows up, but currently I have 4 different 'last page read' settings. If I am expecting too much, I am OK with that. I just want to know so I will quit playing with it.

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          Same here. I have the PC software installed on two Win 7 PCs, and last-read syncing is entirely inconsistent. My notebook will pick up the last page read on my Nook classic, but not vice versa. My desktop doesn't pick up the last page read from anything.

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            Hi, everyone,


            I can't seem to solve this.  My NookColor will absolutely NOT sync with my PC.  I'm reading three books right now: Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars by Greg Cox, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, and Scion of the Serpent by J. Stephen York.


            Not one of these books will sync across devices.  When I read them on the NookColor, then go to my Nook app on the PC, the PC file opens at the last place I left off on the PC, not on the Nook.  I've tried all the syncing tricks here--clicking the sync button on the Nook before and after opening and closing, clicking the sync button on the app before and after closing, unchecking the automatic download of new files, the works.  It just won't sync.



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              I have been having trouble the last few days syncing my Droid 2 and my Nook.  All changes from my Nook seem to make it to my phone, but when I read on my phone it no longer updates onto my Nook.  I've hit the Go to last Page on BN.com, but it doesn't budge.  Any ideas on why the sync from Nook for Android to Nook would all of a sudden stopped working?

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                My PC clients now seem to be in sync with my Nook Classic, and last page read seems to sync to my Android clients (Samsung Epic and Motorola Xoom). However, while annotations/highlights will apparently sync between all but the Nook (which is a known limitation, and a bummber), they don't seem to actually show on the page on the PC. They're there in the list, but...


                I really hope all of this gets resolved. The ability to take notes on the Xoom and have them sync to the PC version is one of the biggest reasons for me to be using the Nook ecosystem. 

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                  I'm confussed on several things:

                  1) Where on the classic Nook is this "Preferences" section where you tell it to sync with BN.com?  I know about the "Check For New B&N Content" but it sounds like there is something else???

                  2) Where is the sync button on the iPhone app?

                  3) Why does this have to be so complicated?


                  I've been reading "Guests Of The Ayatollah" on my Nook (the original) and just recently got an iPhone.  I was very excited about having the app and the ability to read a few pages here and there when I have a few free minutes and don't have my Nook with me.  I'm starting to think that was a pipe dream.

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                      I am also very disapointed. I began reading eBooks using my iPad with Kindle. When it came time to purchase my eBook reader I researched and decided Nook was the best option. Now I'm not so sure. Syncing between devices was seamless with Kindle and I never had to think about it much less try and remember to sync my book before I close it. Half the time I fall asleep while I'm reading. Please fix this it shouldn't be this difficult.



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                      Okay. I just tried this using "The Wise Man's Fear".  I've been reading this on my Color Nook at home.  I also have the Nook for PC application and the Nook for Android application available.


                      At Home: the Color Nook last left off on page 621: Chapter 85.


                      At Work: I opened Nook for Android.  All books were gone.  The library was empty.  After a quick refresh (less than a minute) all my books appeared.  I couldn't use "reading now" but opening the book landed me on page 621.  I think this is all good and suspect that an update to the app made a download/sync of the library essential.


                      At Work: I then used my laptop to access Nook for PC.  I was reading this a few days ago.  It opened immediately into the same book, Chapter 18.  I tried multiple attempts to force the sync to make the book open to Chapter 85.  Nothing I could do worked.  There is no "Refresh" button or command on the Book itself.  There is no command that I found to Open to last Stored place on BN.com.  All i have is a refresh button.    I now manually changed the page number and manually synced it.


                      Verdict: PC for Nook would not refresh itself.  Yes, I left it open last time.  You can't "Close" a book, just click out to the Library.  Nothing in this entire thread helped me.  


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                        I just got a Motorola xoom. I downloaded the nook app. Is there something I need to do so that it will sync with my nook? When I open the book I'm reading its starting at the beginning instead of the page I'm on on my nook.