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    Survey: normal behavior of N2E 1.1.0 WiFi?

      Hi all-

      I think I have isolated the WiFi dhcp issue to a change in the library on the NST that handles dhcp - which of course, makes sense, but not knowing Android or even Linux terribly well, I didn't really know where to start, and it took me a while to track down.

      After simply dropping on the 1.0.0 file, connection to my router happened with no extra configuration whatsoever!

      After reading a book for a while, or leaving the nook static on the table, the WiFi icon in the corner will not show up...but a few seconds after 'waking', it'll successfully connect back to the router again. Now I'm not sure if this is normal behavior, or if it should not disconnect at all, or what, because until now, I have been using the nook with a static dhcp lease (which is always hella fast in terms of the process of connecting, with any router/client I've ever used) or with a static ip (even moreso). 

      Can anybody chime on this? Otherwise, I think I'll have to keep searching for a complete fix, because it doesn't seem like BN is doing it or even acknowledging our issues here (with the exception of AlexG, who, as a forum mod, can't really do too much). Anyway, please chime in.



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          Yes, it is completely normal for wifi to disconnect when asleep or idle, or when reading a book.  It's to conserve battery power by not constantly running the wifi radio when you are obviously not doing anything with it that requires wifi.


          I use DHCP for both my N2E and my NC - they both behave like this, btw.  Yes, it can take a moment to reconnect when you go to use wifi for something, but I've never had any issues with my devices making the connection (had my N2E since they first shipped out after pre-ordering, and got the NC last December as a christmas gift - both running the most current updates now).  I use an old Linksys WRT54GS wifi-router, connected to a TimeWarner cable modem.


          One thing you can do to enhance DHCP connection, is restrict your DHCP range of useable IPs to just as many as you need.  I have 10 devices connecting at home and my routers DHCP server is setup to only hand out 10 IPs and DHCP leases never expire - which means that each device almost always gets the same IP, even mobile devices that connect/disconnect frequently.