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    Issue with continue reading


      Hello everyone, I'm new here. I bought a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight from UK, I use it to read .epub files that I transfer from my PC. I didn't have any issue with the first book but since the second one when I finish reading for the day, I turn off the device, and when I turn it back on, it starts in the home screen. When I tap in the book cover (or the continue reading icon) to continue reading, a window pops up saying this (in this example, I finished reading in page 20 before turning off the deive):

      Sync to furthest read page?
      You are currently on page 1. On another NOOK reader you are on page 20. Where would you like to start reading?
      -No. Stay where I am.
      -Yes. Sync to Furthest Read Page.


      The first option, takes me to page 1. The second option, takes me to page 21.

      I don't have any other Nook device or the app installed anywhere.


      It's being annoying. Yesterday I got to contact with the digital chat support (after a few failed attempts because the session timed out and I was disconnected) and they told me that upgrading the software version to 1.2.1 (I had 1.2.0) would solve my issue, but it didn't. I tried to use the publisher defaults, changing the language to English, tried several books... But nothing worked.


      Anybody can help me with this, please? Thanks.