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    MovieGallery for NOOKcolor Q&A

      As many of you already found out (before I did) MovieGallery is now available in the B&N Appstore. Of course for many of you, MovieGallery isn't new, since the free version is included on the N2A SDcards, but yesterday B&N finally activated it for the people whom are using stock NOOKs.

      In order to keep the questions (and answers) a bit more organized, I figured a thread for it would work best.

      *Where/How to find it?

      MovieGallery is located on B&N's website here:

      To find it on your NOOK, go into the Shop, and do a search for "movie gallery" or tap "browse" > "entertainment" > "movies", and it will show up there.

      *How does it work?
      MovieGallery looks for MP4 movies on your NOOK, located in memory as well as on an SD if you have one, and if it finds any, it will look for matching images for them.

      For more information, you can visit this link:

      The first 2 reviews both asked about the folder selection part that can be found in the N2A/Android version. Unfortunately, B&N didn't like that part, which was partially responsible for the long time it took for them to finally accept MovieGallery in their store.
      For the NOOKcolor version, I was forced to disable it. My main goal was to at least get MG activated, and now that it is, I will start working on an implementation that B&N will accept. The main issue was that the folder component provides access to all the locations on the NOOK, rather than just the user-accessible areas.

      Let me know if you have any questions on MG, and I'll do my best to answer them. Of course any requests for features you would like me to add are welcome as well.

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          update: I just learned that B&N activated an older upload (which is why there is no free version or screenshots) which does not have the settings button for the NOOK. MG works, but things like changing the background or image size and such are currently inaccessible. I will upload an update today.

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            First off, thank you all for the nice reviews. I enjoy reading them

            Yesterday I uploaded an update for MovieGallery (with MovieGallery Free as the trial), which has the "nook-button" in order to be able to access the settings. For some reason, B&N activated an older version of MovieGallery rather than the one I uploaded to them last.

            Except for the folders part, which B&N doesn't like, it has all the features of the standard (n2a) Android version, including the background selection options, image size/display mode options etc.

            If you have any questions or complications with MovieGallery, please ask them here or shoot me an email. There are a few people who posted questions in the review section, but there is nothing I can do to answer them there. There is no PM system in place there in order for me to respond.

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              Hey! Movie gallery was working great, one of the best apps yet! But i added a couple of new movies (which run fine on the NC's built in viewer), and now when i try to start Movie Gallery, i get the splash screen, and then it crashes, and returns to my home screen. I tried a full shut down, and start up of the NC, and archived, and unarchived the app. No luck! Rob
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                Hi Rob,


                Thank you for using MovieGallery,


                Did you add any pictures for the movies? Maybe one of them is bad/corrupted, which could cause MG to crash. Try removing the pictures and see if that makes a difference.