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    Typos in E-Books Annoying

      I am reading Kitchen Confidential, and am annoyed by the number of proofing/typographical errors. Words are clumped together, punctuation is incorrect (hello? does anyone look at Strunk and Whites Elements of Style?), some lines have 2 words, separated by                              long                             spaces. 


      Other lines haveallthewordswithoutspaces.


      When I pay for a book, I want it to be done correctly. Not so fussy on free downloads, but this has me aggravated.

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          I noticed that with a lot of my ebooks too......... :smileysad:

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            I completely agree with you.  Almost every ebook I own has typos, spacing issues etc...Some ebooks are just as expensive as the hardcover so I really believe that publishers need to make an effort and deliver a product worthy of what we are paying for it. 

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              Can you give us more specifics including page numbers, exact words, etc...?

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                I'm reading the Headmaster's Wife by Jane Haddam.  I'm having the same problems you mentioned. If you see the word "tiling" it means "thing."  The word "comer" means "corner."  It was weird to see how many times "tiling" was used instead of "thing" in this book.

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                    Going back a few pages from my current reading position in "Kitchen Confidential"

                    - p. 284; 278, 277, 275, 273, 272, 267, 265, 263, 262, 


                    Combination of punctuation errors, words strung together.


                    Ah, it's not my job to proof your releases. I suggest someone should be reviewing these before release. A simple spell check would help to find words that are strung together.

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                        I have sent this off to our eBook Content team and thank you for pointing the issue out.

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                            I've been reading quite a variety of books recently.  A couple I'm rereading in ebook, because the newest book in the series is due out soon.  They're (IMHO) fabulous books, written by a best-selling author, published by one of the big, well-known publishers we all know.  


                            Another was an ebook that I borrowed from an acquaintance.  I seem to remember it being free a few weeks back.  Either way, it's by an author I've never heard of, published by Samhain Publishing, currently going for less than $5.


                            Guess which one was riddled with OCR errors?  NOT the one by Samhain Publishing!  I don't think the author was as skilled as the previously mentioned best-selling author, nor did I enjoy the story as much.  But gosh darn it, someone had edited this thing.  No typos.  No grammatical mistakes.  No weird spacing.  No "hut" for "but" or "lean" for "I can".  There was at least a sense of pride in the book they published, and I'm guessing a commitment to delivering a quality product.  I didn't much care for the book, but I'll give the entire team credit for the work they put into it.  And I sent our well-established publisher an email about the frustrating errors. 

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                            The "Kitchen Confidential" file has been corrected.  To get the corrected version please do the following:

                            On the NOOK,
                            1.Tap on "My Library" from the Home screen (all of these steps are done in your "Library" on your NOOK)
                            2. Highlight the eBook (that you were unable to access) and tap "View Item Details & Options".
                            3. Then tap "Archive" and follow the on-screen prompts
                            4. Then tap "Check for New B&N Content" and wait for it to complete.

                            Once this update is completed, then you want to Unarchive the eBook in order to re-download the content

                            1. Ensure that you are still in My B&N Library section of My Library
                            2. Navigate to and Highlight the eBook you want to download (it should be grayed out).
                            3. Tap "View Item Details & Options".
                            4. Tap "Unarchive." and then tap "ok"
                            5. Then tap "Check for New B&N Content" and wait for it to complete.


                            NOTE:  Any future content correction (formatting) or meta-data issues should be posted on this thread entitled The eBook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

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                          This is a generally irritating problem.  Publishers no physical (paper, binding, etc.) costs on ebooks why can I not expect simple a commitment to quality and professionalism.  This is just bad form.

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                            Yes yes yes yes yes!

                            For goodness sakes, aren't there interns in the editor's office who can be cornered and asked to read documents for print errors?  Not to mention catching things like, oh I don't know, repeated chapters (yes, whole chapters!) or no chapter links or text lines that overlap (oye, my poor eyes when that happens.)  I bet at least 2/3 of my books have grammatical and misspelling errors in them that would make my old grade school English teachers weep.  :smileytongue:


                            I wonder if author's are as upset about their manuscripts being so badly mangled as we are? 

                             I would love to hear what their comments are on the situation.

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                              Poor typesetting is my biggest gripe about ereaders today -- it makes me wonder if the people designing the software are even readers themselves!


                              The first ereader to get hyphenation, paragraph-optimized justification, ligatures, and hanging punctuation (or even better, something like InDesign's optical margins) will have serious bragging rights to pull in big readers.


                              When possible, I throw books into InDesign and output a nicely formatted PDF.  Only takes a few minutes and makes it look so much better!

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                                I think it's inexcusable to expect readers to pay $9.99 (or more) for a sloppy OCR scan that's not even proofread. I mean, if I can take the time to do it right, I'm sure a big publisher can figure it out. All we're even talking about here is one intern proof-reading the book to remove the most obvious and egregious errors (which should be the bare minimum, IMHO).


                                I think it even goes beyond sheer laziness or cost: many big publishers are trying to fight e-book adoption to protect their dominance in the print book market. They WANT you to get annoyed with e-books and go back to printed books, because THAT'S what they're good at, that's the market they dominate and what they're built to succeed in. They have no interest in the massive downsizing / restructuring that would be necessary to compete in the e-book world.


                                Now, when I see a couple of weird formatting quirks when I download a free public domain book, that's a different story, those people are volunteers and I'm not paying for it. But I'd be beyond annoyed to pay professional prices for a product that was not professional.

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                                  Yes, spell checks aren't that hard to do.  For authors, it's important to have someone other than a friend of family member go through and point out mistakes before publishing.  Also, some converters for ebooks mess up formatting very badly.  I've seen whole paragraphs indented, in bold, and lots of other errors. 

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                                    I am so gald I am not the only one who has noticed this and the problem only seems to be getting worse. I have had to abandon reading one book recently that had so many mistakes it made it a chore to read. In the book Saturn, "the" was transcribed as "die" on many pages. Presumably they scan the books using OCR sofware and then just rehash them with no quality control. I would gladly proofread books for a small fee, in fact my 7 year old could probably do a better job than B&N is doing.