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    brand new nook won't connect to our wifi

      We have a brand new color nook and it won't connect to our wifi.  The color nook website says if you have trouble with wifi, download the new software, the problem is that since we can't even register our new nook, I can't follow do what is necessary to install the new software.  This is an idiotic catch 22.  Can you help before I run over the nook with my car?

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          You need a pc and your usb cable for the firmware update. Read and follow the online directions carefully. Some people have done it incorrectly. Do a forum search on wifi also. There are several threads started already on wifi issues. To start with you need to explain what your wifi settings are.
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            Is there a Mcdonalds, starbucks, B&N anywhere Close? If so, go there, get on their WIFI and regester. Search this forum for Wifi. Start with the "list of working routers &setup thread" lots of us had the same problem. Mine seemed to start working on its own. I'm sure it was something I did but have no clue what it was. I was ready to give upand send the Nc back. Glad I didn't. Now that it is working I love it. One of the top 3 toys I have purchased
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                Good suggestion from phoneboy.  I also had a connectivity problem with my NookColor and our Qwest wifi.  I called Qwest customer service and a very helpful tech there recognized the issue and quickly helped me reset our router.  It might be worth contacting your provider to see if you can get a similar result.  Good Luck and Happy New Year.