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    When Do You Read and Why?

      When do you find time to sit down and read, and what are your reasons for it? 


      I read during my lunch breaks at work, which fortunately are about an hour long.  I enjoy escaping into a book to take a breather from work, which can be quite stressful at times.  I almost always have at least one book with me to grab and open while I eat.  I finish one book every two weeks on average.

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          I sometimes read in the afternoon when I really need a break from work.  Most of the time I read for a few hours before going to bed.  I don't watch TV.


          Because I enjoy it, why else?

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              Alan, I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't watch TV up until now.  Books just interest me more.

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                  hollyahook wrote:

                  Alan, I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't watch TV up until now.  Books just interest me more.



                  I'm either on the PC or my Nook.  I just can't stare at a TV very long.  It's a shame because without TV I have nothing to talk about with people... :smileywink:


                  I guess there are two of us.

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                      When? Whenever possible. Lunch breaks. Before bed. In the evening. During commercials. At the doctor's office. At the dinner table (when I can get away with it.)


                      Why? Because I love reading. Have since a little, little kid. Wasn't so good at sports & mom wouldn't let me be glued to the TV all day. So, I just kinda fell into the life of the compulsive reader. God help me. :smileyvery-happy:

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                  It seems the only time I can find to read is on my 15 minute commute each way. I use to try to read at night, but I am usually too tired.

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                    I read various times throughout the day.  Mostly on my lunch break and for about an hour or 2 before going to bed.  Reading relaxes me and I never go anywhere without my Nook, and now my Nook Color.  Loving my Nook Color very much also. 

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                      I don't really have a specific time, but for the most part I prefer to curl up in bed where's it's quiet and warm. When I was in school, the place I got most of my reading done was on the bus and while sitting in the lounges. Not sure why, but I was able to completely lose myself in my reading material in those areas, even though they were the loudest. Now though, as I've said, I just hide away in my bedroom.. It doesn't seem as effective/I don't have as much concentration, but I'm still able to get my reading done. Though, to be honest, my favorite situation is when it's raining outside. There's something about the sound of it and sitting near the window with a good book that really mellows me out!


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                        Whenever I get a chance. :smileyhappy:

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                          I read when I am off of work on my regular days off or in bed before I go to sleep. During the summer months I love to sit under a tree in the local park for the fresh air and read. Reading is relaxing and something very personal for me. I work as a sergeant in a correctional facility so security is tight, The rules are that we can not bring in books, cell phones, electronics, etc. This is the reason I love my nook when I am off of work, it is my escape from the high stress of work. Too many reality shows on TV which I don't need to watch because I live it.

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                            I read any chance I get.  Unfortunately, my work days lately have been 12-hour-days 7 days a week, so the reading time has been nil.


                            I never walk into the bathroom without my Nook.  It might be only a couple of pages, but I'll take them where I can get them.  (We call the bathroom "the library" in our house for a reason!)


                            I read standing in line at the grocery store.


                            I listen to audiobooks when I'm doing any chores - making dinner, washing dishes, cleaning my office, and especially when driving.


                            I can't imagine going to bed at night without being able to read.  Again, sometimes it is only a few pages before my eyes get bleary, but without those few pages, I'd never fall asleep.


                            I have five TiVos in my home with thousands of hours of TV shows recorded.  But when I get an extra half hour, I usually sprawl across my bed with my Nook rather than turn to the TiVo queue. 

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                              On my bus commute to and from work, and whenever else I get a chance (work break, lunch, evenings).


                              Like some of the other posters, I don't really watch TV anymore, so I have more time to read than I used to.



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                                  in the morning while having breakfast, in the car with my coffee when i arrive at work 15 minutes early, during lunch if im not running errands, at night while cooking dinner and waiting for my husband to get home, during intermissions of my Rangers hockey games on TV, and lying in bed for a half hour or so before turning off the lights.


                                  basically whenever i have a free moment to myself!


                                  i have always been a bookworm and always will. although now, i consider myself more of a Nookworm. I love how the Nook makes it so much more convenient and easy to read, especially because i can set it aside and have my hands free for eating/cooking, etc. :smileyhappy:

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                                  I read on my breaks and lunch at work which is about 70 minutes total every day plus I read every night before going to bed - since I work an evening shift - I like to read to wind down before going to bed - I generally finish a book a day(fast reader).  


                                  I don't watch much TV and reading is a great joy to me as I can use my imagination while reading.  


                                   I like nothing better when it's snowing outside and I don't have to be at work to curl up with my Nook and read on those rare days I generally finish 2 - 3 books a day.



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                                    Now that I have my NC I have been reading every chance I get, but I love to do it in bed using the 'nighttime' setting. I stopped reading awhile ago because of eye problems. With the text sizing and brightness control I am becoming a avid reader again. I'm looking forward to losing myself in the world of words...:smileyhappy:

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                                      When do I read?  Apparently that would be every chance I get...including at my daughter's Christmas Concert this afternoon.  There was just enough light that I could still find out what Jack Reacher planned to do about his brother's murder...


                                      Why do I read?  Because Christmas Concerts are boring, especially when half of the songs are sung in a foreign language.


                                      So, maybe I don't get "mother of the year" award, but at least I wasn't bored out of my gourd for 90 minutes.  :smileyhappy:

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                                        I read whenever I can because I LOVE to read. I take my Nook everywhere with me! I'll read anywhere I have at least 5 mins to spare. The more time I have to read, the better!

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                                            Doug, I've heard about those Ziplocs and protective sleeves, but I'm such a klutz, I can't convince myself that the bag wouldn't spring a leak and ruin my reader. Then I'd be without my library until my replacement arrived. 


                                            Here's another way I messed up and left myself with nothing to read--I forgot to charge my reader. Disaster! That was before I stored some books in my car for emergency use. 


                                            How many of you zone out while you're reading? That happens to me in the check out line at the grocery all the time. I start reading the magazine covers and don't realize I'm up next until the clerk starts saying, "Maaaaaa'aaaaam," in this really nasally tone that sounds like a goat bleating. They all do it. Maybe it's taught in their training classes. All I know is, it certainly cuts through my zone out and gets my attention. 


                                            L.C. Evans, Author


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                                                I read everyday. I used to watch several hours of TV a day but now find myself reading more and more. :smileyhappy:

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                                                    It's so nice to see I'm not the only one who reads every chance they get!  I listen to audio books during the commute too (or while cooking, doing housework, etc.) and I read every spare moment I get.   I tend to read while my family is watching TV and I read every night before bed.  I've done that since I was about 5 years old and I've never broken the habit.  There is nothing like a great book!


                                                    Since I always have my NOOKcolor I read in lines, I read while I'm waiting for someone, I'll even read in  a store while I'm waiting for my husband to make up his mind about a purchase. :smileyhappy: