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        When do I read?  Apparently that would be every chance I get...including at my daughter's Christmas Concert this afternoon.  There was just enough light that I could still find out what Jack Reacher planned to do about his brother's murder...


        Why do I read?  Because Christmas Concerts are boring, especially when half of the songs are sung in a foreign language.


        So, maybe I don't get "mother of the year" award, but at least I wasn't bored out of my gourd for 90 minutes.  :smileyhappy:

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          I read whenever I can because I LOVE to read. I take my Nook everywhere with me! I'll read anywhere I have at least 5 mins to spare. The more time I have to read, the better!

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            Doug, I've heard about those Ziplocs and protective sleeves, but I'm such a klutz, I can't convince myself that the bag wouldn't spring a leak and ruin my reader. Then I'd be without my library until my replacement arrived. 


            Here's another way I messed up and left myself with nothing to read--I forgot to charge my reader. Disaster! That was before I stored some books in my car for emergency use. 


            How many of you zone out while you're reading? That happens to me in the check out line at the grocery all the time. I start reading the magazine covers and don't realize I'm up next until the clerk starts saying, "Maaaaaa'aaaaam," in this really nasally tone that sounds like a goat bleating. They all do it. Maybe it's taught in their training classes. All I know is, it certainly cuts through my zone out and gets my attention. 


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              I read everyday. I used to watch several hours of TV a day but now find myself reading more and more. :smileyhappy:

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                It's so nice to see I'm not the only one who reads every chance they get!  I listen to audio books during the commute too (or while cooking, doing housework, etc.) and I read every spare moment I get.   I tend to read while my family is watching TV and I read every night before bed.  I've done that since I was about 5 years old and I've never broken the habit.  There is nothing like a great book!


                Since I always have my NOOKcolor I read in lines, I read while I'm waiting for someone, I'll even read in  a store while I'm waiting for my husband to make up his mind about a purchase. :smileyhappy:

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