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    Where's Winter's Heart, B&N?

      Where's Winter's Heart, B&N?


      Everyone's known for at least a year that Book 9 of the Wheel of Time is coming out as an eBook on June 22.


      Everyone knows that Macmillan is going to force a charge of $7.99 for it, just like the previous volumes.


      Amazon has their pre-order page up, for $7.99, and has had for some time.


      A lot of us would like to see it downloaded on our Nooks at 12:01 AM on June 22 -- doesn't seem a lot to ask from people who have bought eight volumes so far.


      SO WHERE'S THE BARNES & NOBLE PREORDER PAGE!?!?!?!?!:smileymad:

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          Winter's Heart sucked though. Not as badly as CoT, but still... :smileywink:

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            What!!  COT is where the series just started good again!

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              flyingtoastr wrote:

              Winter's Heart sucked though. Not as badly as CoT, but still... :smileywink:



              Yeah, WH IS weak as water; I'm with JJ on CoT, though.


              But it's the principle of the thing.  You can't just skip a volume, so gotta have Volume 9.  I want to put it on autopilot ASAP, so it just downloads to my Nook on release day.  As I said in the OP, the schedule's been published for almost a year, so it shouldn't be this hard.

              • 4. This Is Getting Ridiculous Now

                Winter's Heart comes out a week from today, and there is STILL not even any recognition on the B&N website of the fact, let alone a pre-order page. 


                Meanwhile, Brand A has pre-order pages for every book on the schedule, right through The Gathering Storm.


                Did everybody in eBook sales quit?  Get laid off?  Go on vacation together?  Volunteer to clean up oil on the Gulf coast and forget their laptops?  Somebody's really asleep at the switch at B&N. :smileymad:

                • 5. FINALLY!!!!!!

                  The pre-order page for Winter's Heart is finally up -- 6/18/10


                  I can't remember the last time I had to push a retailer this hard to take my money. :smileymad:

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                    I completely feel your pain.  Ancestor by Scott Sigler is coming out on Tuesday.  Amazon has had it on pre-order for about 4 months.  I have requested it on the thread here.  I have mentioned it in numerous other threads.  B&N finally gets the ebook on pre-order within the past 2 days...and the price *cue drumroll*......$18.56!!


                    The ebook on Amazon has never moved from $9.99, and HC edition is still cheaper at $16.49.


                    I mean come on B&N, even your own hardcover price is $16.86.  What the crap is up with that?!  I love my Nook, but if I have to buy in HC to get a good price, I'll be buying it from Amazon :smileyhappy: