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    F+W buys Tyrus: crime novel freebies to come?


      F+W Media has bought Tyrus Books, a specialty publisher of crime fiction. F+W says that they intend to keep the operation focused on crime fiction. The major focus will be on e-books under the "F+W Crime" imprint, with selected print titles under the Tyrus Books imprint. Announced plans are to release 200 F+W Crime e-book titles this year, starting in June.


      F+W's other publishing operation, Adams Media, has supplied us with some free promotional e-books in recent months. Maybe F+W Crime will do the same.


      F+W is also continuing the development of the Prologue Books imprint that Tyrus was creating. Prologue aims to bring certain out-of-print crime and mystery titles into e-book form. The lucky titles will be those that crime writers said were influential to them.