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    NookColor Power cord fell apart


      Last night I removed the usb power cord from my Nook and it fell apart. The black casing around the electronic components popped open and then the electronic connections all broke. So this Morning I called BN Tech support and they were GREAT. They are sending me a new one. Unfortunately, he also said NOT to use and compatible USB cords. that it may cause more problems down the road.

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          Do you still have the old / broken cable and all its parts?


          Can I pay you to send it to me?


          I want to diagnose the power connections on this cable, since it is slightly non-standard.



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            Mine fell apart a few weeks ago.  I called tech support a few times and never received the one they sent (supposedly overnighting it at one point).  I went to the store and they gave me a new one with no questions asked.  So if you have the same problem, I recommend going into a BN store.  The guy I spoke to here in Philly was super nice about it.

            • NEW NookColor power cord not recognized by PC


              I agree. I called BN and they sent me another cord.  Got it within 5 business days.  There is only one MAJOR PROBLEM that am having with it.  I can charge my NC...that works great, but when I insert the USB cord into my computer to move pics over...and more inportantly to manually upgrade... my computer does not recognize the NC.  When I dig deeper into the computer (device manager) guts I see that the USB is showing as two separate drives:  E and F.  Rebooted everything thing; tried did USB ports...still nothing.  I've been e-mailing tech but we still have not resolved.  Any one out there had this problem and resolved it?

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                  I've done exact same thing.  Your nook has to be awake and logged in by swiping the little green nook icon on the front for your PC to finish recognizing the NookColor.   You should see the USB active come on the Nook and your PC should show the two drives as MyNookColor and if installed a drive that represents your SD card. After this it won't matter if the screen goes asleep - the usb will be active until you eject each drive and remove safely.