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    How to publish picture books on the Nook

      I put the images of my picture book in a word doc and uploaded it, but the preview image only showed a portion of the image.  What are the specs of the word doc for size?  Are there any - What is the best way to format a picture book for the Nook>?  Is there a way to submit a pdf?

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          I wrote to Barnes and Noble Pubit Staff and they said:


          The NOOKcolor screen is designed to display images at full screen when
          the images are RGB


          But I find that way too big.  Anyone else have a clue?






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            I finally figured it out.  My picture book is made up entirely of jpgs that I finally took the time and inserted into a word doc.  I had not luck with a program called pdftoepub - a free conversion program.  I made the page size in the word doc 3" x 4.25"  (even though my images are square).  When I uploaded to Pubit - it worked and the images fit into the screen when I previewed it.  A word doc is also the way to upload images to Kindle, but it has to be a doc and not docx. 

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              I wrote an illustrated children's book and had the same problem.  But I got it to work. I  put the jpg images in a word doc.  I tried different sizes for the images.The size of the image that worked best was 2.8" wide (you can right click on the image in word and click on "size" to resize the image.)  My images were pretty short so I wasn't too concerned with the height - Word will resize the height when you put in the width.  I could get 2 images on a word page and that translated to one image on each Nook page. It all fit perfectly when I previewed it.  My text and illustration was incorporated in one image. That way I could use a more kid friendly font.

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                I'm just now researching how to publish my children's book to the ColorNook. I see your dimensions are 3" x 4.25"...but is that 3" W x 4.25" Tall? I noticed the two children's books I have on the ColorNook are landscape in orientation, meaning I have to turn my ColorNook to the side to see the book, making your dimensions 4.25" W x 3" T...yes?. Are you publishing your children's book in PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE?


                Thank you!!!

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                  Yes, I have published mine in portrait.  I uploaded mine to the Nook from a pdf file, but I had to get them in epub format in order to gt them in the iBookstore.  I found a company that can put them in the epub format for a very reasonable price and then you can upload those to all of the e-devices.

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                    Could you send or post the name of the company that has done this for you? My original booklets were made in in design, but become scrambled when we move to epub. Need help. I am not a computer whiz.

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                      This may not be the information you are looking for, but it may help:


                      I recently published a manuscript with 204 images on Nook and Kindle, not that it was easy.  There are good discussions by man2010 (aka jtorrence) in these forums and Kindle Formatting forums you should look at.  For the record I did it in the following steps:


                      Wrote the manuscript and TOC in Word 2003.


                      Saved it as filtered HTML;


                      Used SIGIL to see it in WYSIWYG; made changes in code by cutting and pasting to adjust image position and spacing, and to correct TOC. Then saved as EPUB;


                      Used CALIBRE to change EPUB to MOBI for Kindle and to Calibre EPUB for Nook (SIGIL EPUB would not upload to Nook correctly) and uploaded.


                      If you want to see an ebook with 204 images, download the sample (What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Lower Back), not that it's perfect, yet, as jtorrence has kindly pointed out.