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    Nook won't charge

      When I try charging my nook, the little n light comes on and it's amber, but on the nook it says it's not charging, I have already tried turning it off and back on, also when I plug the nook into my computer, it does not show that the nook is connected, So I'm wondering if it is the charger cable or the nook charger port. Does anyone know anything about this sort of problem?
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          Do you power it completely down, or leave it in a standby mode (power down - hold power button until it asks you if you want to turn off the Nook - standby - push the power button momentarily)?


          It sounds like a software-type issue to me... I just had that happen with my phone - the phone said that the battery was nearly discharged when it had been recently charged.  I tried charging it, but it wasn't showing that it was charging.  I turned the phone off and then on, and it showed a nearly full battery - and when the charger was hooked up, it showed the battery being charged.


          That sort of thing can happen with portable computer devices.



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            When this happened to me, it was the cord. If you bring it into the Nook desk at your local B & N, they can check your cord and let you know if this is the problem. Since mine was still under warranty, they ordered a new cord to be sent to me, and it's been charging normally since then.